X-cut chain and X-Force bar on a log in the forest

Our best chain yet

With over 60 years of experience in the chainsaw industry, it is safe to say that the X‑CUT™ chains are our best yet. Through extensive trial and testing in labs and various working environments, the features and design of X‑CUT™ chains have been perfected to ensure top-quality performance.

Made for your Husqvarna chainsaw
The X‑CUT™ chains are developed side-by-side with Husqvarna chainsaws at our factory in Sweden. This guarantees the X‑CUT™ chain fitting your Husqvarna chainsaw like a glove, improving cutting performance and ensuring maximum output.

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Sharp out of the box

When delivered to you, the X‑CUT™ chains are sharpened and ready to cut. Instantly. The outstanding grinding angles and razor-sharp edges provide precise cuts and superior cutting efficiency.

Stay sharp longer
The X‑CUT™ chain cutters are made out of high-quality carbon steel for maximum durability, and the unique hardened steel and chrome coating gives you sharpness made to last.

In far western Norway, among fjords and mountains, the forestry professionals Cathrine Kåsen and Kenneth Hetlelid rely on their X‑CUT™ saw chains in their daily work.

Find the right chain for your saw

Make sure that your X‑CUT™ chain and Husqvarna saw match each other perfectly for optimal output.

Husqvarna chains explained

5 Options
Cutter profile

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The C stands for Chisel. The chain has square corner cutters, which provides superior cutting efficiency. This cutter profile is only recommended for professional users working in clean conditions. (Figure A)

The S stands for Semi-Chisel. The corners are rounded, which eases maintenance and have good stay-sharp properties. This cutter profile is more forgiving regarding filing angles and is less sensitive to dirt. Suitable for all users. (Figure B)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain Cutter profile
Chain type

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

P – Pixel
Some of our chains have a P in their name, and the P stands for Pixel. Pixel chain and guide bars, with thinner chassis, are low in weight and provide a narrow cut – resulting in enhanced cutting efficiency. This chain type is only to be used with pixel guide bars. (Figure A)

No letter – Standard
However, it is more common that there is no letter after the C or S in the chain name. That chain type is a tougher, broader cutting chain, with standard chassis enabling more rigid and robust chains and bars. (Figure B)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain type

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The first digit after the letters tells the pitch size. Mini chains have low profile cutters, smaller drive links and are suitable for smaller chain saws.

1 = 1/4” mini
2 = .325” mini
3 = .325”
8 = 3/8
9 = 3/8” mini

The pitch of the chain must match the pitch of the guide bar and the drive sprocket on your chainsaw.

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Pitch

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The second digit tells of the gauge, meaning the thickness of the lower part of the drive link.

1 = 1,1 mm/.043”
3 = 1,3 mm/.050”
5 = 1,5mm/.058”

The gauge of the chain must match the gauge of the guide bar.

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain Gauge
Added feature

Example, X‑CUT™  SP33G

The final letter in the chain name tells of added features; usually, it is a G. The G stands for Guarded drive link, a kick-back reducing feature. (Figure A)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Added feature