How it works Automower AIM Zone Control 2m 16:9 MASTER

How to get started

  1. AIM Technology is updated on your mower automatically. Once updated, your mower will start to map your lawn. Mapping can take up to two weeks; during this time, the mower will use GPS and sensors to accurately map your lawn.
  2. Once enough data is collected, the Automower® Connect app will notify you that the process is complete.
  3. The virtual map of your garden, created by AIM Technology*, will now be available in the map feature of the Automower® Connect app. You can access real-time information via the app, letting you create stay-out zones, customise work areas and more.

* Compatible with Automower® 405X, 415X, 430X NERA, 450X NERA, 435X AWD and 535 AWD.