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  • Testimonial Holland Hedgetrimmer


    With 18 years of experience and 21 employees, Booiman Tuinen BV is a modern, medium-sized and successful landscaping company. This is their take on the importance of reliable equipment.

  • BLi940X

    A revolution for handheld battery power tools

    Power and durability or low-noise and sustainability? With our backpack battery solution you no longer have to choose.

    “这将电池产品带到一个全新的水平。”Husqvarna 手持式电力&蓄电池产品经理 Johan Svennung 表示。

  • Jonathan Calderwood, Head Grounds Manager at Parc de Princes

    The perfect pitch

    Creating the perfectly awesome lawn is one thing. But how do you make your grass survive a lifetime of games, sports and gardening activities without it getting worn thin? Is it even possible? We turned to one of the best in the business for some answers.