How to renovate your lawn by overseeding

当除草剂不起作用而褐斑病占据上风时,很容易开始怀疑您的花园是否将永远会是这个样子。 But there’s hope. You can always start over with a lawn renovation.


To renovate according to the needs of your soil

  • 时间: Depending on size of lawn and machines used
  • 操作: Medium
  • 级: Advanced

Before you start

Seeding or turfing? Decide which type of renovation you should go for – new seeds or new turf – by checking how large the damaged part of the lawn is. If less than 40 per cent of it is dead, seeding is sufficient.

Why renovate? Try to work out what has caused the lawn to fail. This matters when choosing new seeds and might affect other decisions during renovation.

Estimate the effort. Before getting started, try to calculate how large a job you’re facing. Do you need to rent an aerator? Would you like to use a spreader? Should you hire a professional for parts of the work?

There’s a difference between renovating your lawn by adding new seeds and by starting from square one with new turf. 如果草坪中的草有 40% 以上被破坏,您应该选择后者,但如果您面对的情况是被破坏或被杂草覆盖的面积小于草坪总面积的 40%,进行良好的交播(为您现有的草坪植物添加更多的草种)就足够了。 In this article, we will focus on renovating your lawn by overseeding. & 如果只让他给您一条建议,那就是做土壤测试 - 挖出一些土并将其送至实验室以获得测试结果。 Many homeowners skip this step because they don’t know about it. Or because of the cost. But in fact, kicking the renovation off with a soil test is a solid investment.

“If you don’t analyse the soil, you’ll never know what it needs to get better. 您最后可能会一遍一遍地施肥却没有取得任何效果。 土壤测试将告诉您该做什么,但也包括不该做什么。它会为您提供一个具有成本效益的行动计划。”Karlsson 解释道。

在世界不同地区进行土壤测试的方法各不相同,但商业实验室一般都可以进行。 The lab will provide you with a detailed mode of procedure that will be helpful when you move on with your renovation.

1. Decide when to renovate

Renovation season varies depending on where in the world you live, but it’s important to make sure that the ground is warm enough for the seeds to germinate and grow. That means that the ground temperature should be at least 10° Celsius.
“一条原则是要等到该季首次割草后草坪已经变绿并且您知道它已经开始生长的时候。”Karlsson 评论道。

2. 确定草坪枯败的原因

If you work out why your lawn has deteriorated, you can use that knowledge to make the right decisions during your renovation. For example, if the lawn has thinned out due to growing trees that shade the lawn and compete for water and nutrients, you should select shade-tolerant grass varieties. You might also want to prune some of the tree limbs, opening up for more sunlight and rainfall.

“只要观察草坪您就可以得到一些信息,但我还是强烈建议进行正确的土壤测试。”Karlsson 表示。

3. Remove weeds and thatch

开始实际翻新第一步,通过手动或使用除草剂去除杂草,特别是多年生杂草。 This keeps other species from competing with your new grass. If you use herbicides, be sure to read the labels and follow the instructions. Most products will allow you to seed in seven days, but some weedkillers will keep your seeds from germinating for three to six weeks.

Check your thatch status by digging up a small plug of turf, several inches deep. If the spongy layer is more than three quarters of an inch thick when you compress it, it’s time to have your lawn dethatched. If your lawn is larger than 300 square meters, you would want to use a power rake or a vertical mower with a scarifier. For smaller lawns, a manual thatching rake will do.

Dead grass

4. Prepare the soil

Apart from using it for thatch removal, a vertical mower with a scarifier can be used to prepare the seedbed for new seeds. Go over the entire lawn with the tines set to nick the soil surface to a depth of approximately 1/8 to 1/2 an inch and then rake the large clumps of debris from the site. Another way to prepare the soil is to do an extensive aerifying. If you choose this method, you need to go over the entire lawn 3-5 times to make it completely aerified. However, the very best result is achieved by doing both of the above: aerification followed by vertical mowing. This will strongly improve water supply to seeds and emerging seedlings.

“A soil that’s too dense or the ground is too hard are common problems for landowners. It makes it hard for water and oxygen to reach the roots of the grass plants, which leads to poor growth. An aerator creates ways into the soil for the air and water and a vertical mower with a scarifier splits the grass plants, leaving you with more plants and a thicker lawn.”

5. Water your lawn

Grass seeds and seedlings need water to germinate and root. Your ground doesn’t have to be soggy, but make sure the soil is at least moist. If the lawn feels dry and the chances of rain are low, start building a reserve of water in the soil by running the sprinkler for an hour or two a day several days prior to seeding.

“To keep your lawn evenly supported with water is very important. 如果您这样做了,并且地面温度合适,那就做对了。”Karlsson 指出。

Husqvarna Garden Tractor with scarifier attachment

6. Use a fertiliser

Fertilisation will encourage establishment and growth of your new seeds and seedlings and should be done just prior to seeding. Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertiliser. If you’ve done a soil test you’ll know if your lawn also needs additional phosphorous and potassium.

Husqvarna Garden Tractor with spreader attachment

7. Seed

When your lawn is in relatively good condition, you can use the seed mix you used in the past. If you’ve done a soil test, you will have a good indication of which seeds to use.

You can spread the seeds by hand, but if you want to make sure that the seeds are spread evenly, the best thing to do is to use a spreader.

“Some spreaders can be connected to your scarifier. I would recommend a centrifugal spreader,” adds Karlsson.

Grass seeds

8. Enjoy

“There is no need to wait a certain amount of time before you start enjoying your newly renovated lawn. When you’ve overseeded it, you can start using it right away, mowing it as you normally would,” says Karlsson.