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  • DT 22

    How to manage thatch in lawns

    枯草会使您的草坪不牢固,不足以支持进行体育活动和其他活动,在最槽糕的情况下,甚至会枯萎并死掉。 这里是 Husqvarna 对枯草去除和枯草去除工具(如松土机)的一些建议。

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    How to water your lawn

    The right watering is essential for a green and healthy lawn. Here are Husqvarna’s tips on how to keep your grass perfectly hydrated.

  • R 152SV with BioClip cover

    How to mulch grass and leaves

    Mulching your lawn with grass and leaves can save you time as well as money. Here are our best tips when mulching your lawn with grass cuttings and leaves.