Use for many purposes

Multi tool

Because of the different functions and accessories, the vacuum cleaners can be used for many different purposes.
Rubust/ sturdy, blue

Robust design

The powerful inside is matched by a robust design, built for handling tough environments indoors and outdoors.


With the smart features, such as container lifting handle, washable filter and filter cleaning, the vacuum cleaners are easy to use.

Nothing escapes the new Husqvarna Wet & Dry cleaners.

Husqvarna's Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are built to offer the robust performance and durability you need to tackle just about any kind of dirt, dust, spill and debris. Powerful performance, intuitive controls, versatility (not least thanks to the many accessories available), smart storage and easy transport make the machines well prepared for tough everyday cleaning, as well as special applications such as usage with power tools.



    • NOVITÀ

    WDC 220

    967 90 79-05

    Capacità del contenitore
    20 l
    Potenza nominale
    1000 W
    Flusso d'aria
    3600 l/min
    Valore di vuoto, max
    210 mbar
    • Washable PET filter cartridge
    • Semi-automatic filter cleaning
    • Container lifting handle
    • Aluminium extension tubes


    CHF 199.00
    CHF 239.00
    IVA incl.

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