Automower 550

Gentle on the environment

Besides creating an outstanding turf at a lower cost, Automower® allows you to become more sustainable. The robotic mower offers totally fume-free operation and a low energy consumption. By cutting the grass a little at a time, Automower® reduces moss growth and the need for chemicals. And the large amount of water in the clippings means that less irrigation is needed.
Automower 550 / 520

Proven quality by external research

Automower® runs perfectly – day and night, even when it rains heavily – and delivers excellently cut lawns at all times. And that’s not just our opinion. The University of Pisa in Italy, who have been doing continuous research on our robotic mowers, find them perfectly suited for maintaining top quality sports turfs, such as golf tees and roughs. In their conclusions of field tests, they also point out that robotic mowers give greenkeepers valuable extra time to take care of various important maintenance tasks.
Automower 550 / 520

Now even on fairways

Golf courses around Europe have been cutting their semi roughs with Automower® for some years. The premium cutting standard has been highly appreciated by both players and greenkeepers. We’re now launching a fairway kit that makes it possible to also mow fairways. This new Automower® accessory, which you easily install by yourself, allows you to lower the cutting height to 10 mm for perfectly cut fairways.

Grass cutting on golf course

Tracks and clumps are things of the past

Conventional cylinder mowers often create unwanted tracks and grass clumps, especially in wet conditions. Automower® creates no compaction and leaves no tracks. Furthermore, the small clippings disappear smoothly into the grass. Regardless of the weather conditions. Providing the players at your golf course perfectly cut and nicely looking roughs and fairways at all times.

Customer testimonial

Golfrange, München - Brunnthal, Germany

The golf course is using seven Automower® robotic mowers on the practice range. Everyone is fully satisfied with the result. From the greenkeeper to the Management and - not to mention - the golfers. “The practice range is always in top quality”, says Lars Lammich, Marketing Director