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For a healthy lawn all year round, use our lawn care tips and maintenance schedule.


  • Sweep up winter lawn debris to prevent mold.
  • Roll lawn to level out uneven areas caused by freezing and thawing soil.
  • Aerate to open up compacted soil for warmer temperatures.
  • Overseed bare areas.
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide in early spring.
  • Start mowing only after grass has started to actively grow again. (Mower height depends on you species of grass and your climate, but a general rule is to mow slightly lower in the spring and fall; higher in the summer.)
  • Apply a light dressing of low-nitrogen fertilizer in late spring.


  • Apply grub control product in early summer.
  • Mow grass regularly. Protect yourself from sun and heat.
  • Trim grass edges with lawn edgers.
  • Fertilize and feed if necessary, but do not use these products during dry spells.
  • Water grass as needed. Water deeply and only when really needed.


  • De-thatch and sweep up debris.
  • Aerate compacted soil if you didn’t do this in the spring for cooler seasonal weather.
  • Overseed bare areas if you didn’t if you didn’t do this in the spring. Apply seed about a month before first frost.
  • Apply a light dressing of fertilizer once in early fall, and again in late fall.
  • Remove leaves.
  • For final mowing, raise the mower height slightly.
  • Spray perennial weeds.


  • Perform maintenance on lawn care equipment according to your owner’s manuals.
  • Remove lawn mower deck and attach snow blade / snow thrower, weights and chains.
  • Sharpen lawn mower blades.
  • Remove fallen branches and winter debris as necessary.
  • Apply fungicide in late winter / early spring.

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