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11/64" / 4.5 mm (2-pack)
SKU: 588 24 63‑01

Product Description

New saw chain files with better sanding performance and longer life. Easier and gentler chain sharpening action, requiring less aggressiveness and force when filing. Removes up to 10% more material than other brands.

Different geometry of the teeth/cut (special spiral cut): Provides higher performance, higher stock removal rate, faster sharpening process, increased lifetime. The user may feel that the tendency of "hooking" during the sharpening has been reduced without losing performance and aggressiveness. This design = less physical strain / pressure needed for sharpening. "Let the file do the work."

Innovative hardening process: Increased lifetime due to less wear of the material.

Improved corrosion protection: Regardless of conditions (ie. humidity), the files will be in great condition. Allows for longer life and better appearance.

Product Information

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11/64" / 4.5 mm (2-pack)

SKU: 588 24 63‑01