Husqvarna Elevation Arborist Helmet (Class C vented)

Arborist Helmet - Vent Arborist Helmet Elevation Vent Class C

The new Husqvarna ELEVATION™ Arborist Helmet is designed for the professional arborist who requires comfort, safety and style while working. Compatible with Husqvarna’s arborist helmet ear muffs. Choose from three visors to suit your preference: clear, mirror or smoke. Ventilated for breatability.THE HELMET• ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 -2014 / CSA Z94.1-2015; Type 1, Class C• Ventilated for breathability• Front clips for ability to add a head lamp• Universal fit and depth adjustment setting• Wheel ratchet adjustment• Ability to fit visors and ear muff accessories• 3 year warranty• 10 year shelf lifeTHE EARMUFFS (sold separately)• The earmuffs can be adjusted vertically and sideways to ensure good noise exclusion, despite low pressure.THE VISOR (sold separately)• The polycarbonate impact-resistant visor comes in multiple styles and is anti-fog and scratch-resistant.• Can be easily raised or lowered and provides good visibility.


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HUS Elevation Arborist Helmet (Class C vented)

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