Precisely optimized

Every Husqvarna chainsaw chain is rigorously tested and fitted to ensure it interacts optimally with Husqvarna chainsaws.
High performance

Maximum performance

Genuine Husqvarna chains will allow your chainsaw to deliver optimum performance throughout its working life.
Sharpness that lasts

Premium reliability

With genuine Husqvarna chains, and the right maintenance, your chainsaw will perform safely, economically, and reliably in the long run.

Chainsaw chains

A Husqvarna chainsaw, fitted with a Husqvarna chain, delivers the best possible results. Our chains have been fine-tuned through research, testing, and collaboration with professionals in the industry. The result is high-performance chains that give you maximum efficiency.

How to check chainsaw lubrication

Good chainsaw lubrication helps the saw cut smoothly, while also helping maintain the chain’s sharpness. It’s easy to test Husqvarna’s automatic lubrication system by revving the chainsaw over a light surface, for example a newly cut tree stump.

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Working with chainsaws part 1

How to tension the chain on a chainsaw

A loose chain not only means your chain is likely to wear out more quickly, it also means cutting is less efficient. Always make sure that the chain is properly tensioned, especially with a new chain.

How to choose a chainsaw chain

The chain is a fundamental component of a good chainsaw. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to help you choose the correct chainsaw chain for the right application.

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1/4" Pitch chains

3/8" Pitch chains

.325" Pitch chains

.404" Pitch chains

MINI 3/8" Pitch chains

PIXEL 3/8" MINI Pitch chains

PIXEL .325" Pitch chains