Husqvarna P 525D Riders now come with a new robust factory assembled cabin


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — introduces a brand new factory assembled cabin for the P 525D Rider that lets professional landscapers continue working even in heavy rain or snow.

The new cabin on the P 525D has been developed on anti-vibration platform , resulting in significantly lowered vibration and noise levels, and thereby increasing user comfort. Improved fitting between the doors and cabin also increases the overall integrity of the attachment, making the cabin more robust and durable. Fully equipped with features such as a hydraulic kit, LED work lights, high specified seat and a heater, makes the cabin the best and most comfortable way to work longer during cold winters.

The P 525D Rider with its new robust cabin

Developed for professionals who need to tackle a variety of landscaping jobs over the seasons, the P 525D is extremely versatile because of the many attachments that can be quickly and easily fitted onto the front mower in a matter of minutes — allowing various tasks to be completed with a single machine. The front-mounted cutting deck is sold separately, and other attachments that can be easily and quickly fitted on include a snow thrower, snow blade, snow plough, blower, weed brush, spreader, flail mower and broom.


P 525D attachments: snow thrower (left), broom (middle), flail mower (right)

About Husqvarna P 525D:
The P 525D is well-adapted for any season with its new cabin, and to complement that it has a powerful and robust engine that can handle working in a range of temperatures. The P 525D has a hydrostatic transmission, which lets the front mower run at a speed of 18 km/h, and has an 25 litre fuel tank. 20 inch tyres give the Rider good support and stability, while a front-mounted cutting deck offers optimal efficiency because it gives professionals a better overview of their working area.

Equipped with Husqvarna’s unique articulated steering, the rear lets the wheels of the P 525D swing in underneath the front mower, resulting in greater manoeuvrability and better balance — since the machine’s pivoting point is behind the driver’s seat. All-Wheel-Drive is another feature that comes with the P 525D, so that handling uneven, wet or slippery areas becomes safer.

By fully-locking the steering wheel, the P 525D will leave just a 58 cm (22 inch) uncut circle. 

The P 525D is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

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