New durable Husqvarna lawnmower with 65 litre collect bag


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products —  launches a new aluminium chassis walk-behind lawnmower catered to demanding users and professionals who want a durable machine with increased grass collection, and is easy to handle.

Offering a rear discharge, collect blade and dust blocker collection bag, the LC 451S is a great choice for demanding users who want to collect their grass clippings more efficiently. Collection performance has been enhanced on this lawnmower, with a dedicated collect blade that has been engineered to generate an improved amount of air flow into the chute, meaning more efficient collecting and less clippings on the lawn. The high capacity 65 litre collect bag also means having to empty clippings less often, adding to the overall efficiency when mowing with the LC 451S.

The LC 451S

A 51 cm (20.1 inch) cutting deck allows for a wider mowing width, which means cutting larger areas is quicker than before. The LC 451S also affords demanding users better and faster cutting precision, with six adjustable height steps that give users a choice of cutting heights ranging between 26 mm to 74 mm (1.02 inch to 2.91 inch), as well as the ability to adjust cutting heights centrally, since all four wheels can be simultaneously adjusted with a one-hand grip gear. This makes changing the cutting height easy and quick, with no need to use extra tools.

Aluminium increases product durability
Aluminium is the main component of the LC 451S, keeping the lawnmower at 40.6 kg (89.5 lbs), which makes the machine durable and less susceptible to rust and corrosion — which means less maintenance and a longer product lifetime. 

The LC 451S also comes with an aluminium-cased professional gear box and a 161 cc, 2.6 kW engine, making it more suited for demanding home owners. 

Ergonomically shaped handles for better comfort
The LC 451S has an ergonomically shaped handle bar and easy-to-reach bails, so using the machine for extended periods of time is less straining for users. Moreover, the LC 451S is designed so that it possible to engage or disengage the drive without having to change grip. The handle bar and the cutting deck chassis also have optimized balance, which generates less strain when manoeuvring in tight spaces or around obstacles. 
Easy adjustment and folding of the handle bar adds to the machine’s portability, so it is easier for users to store the product and bring it from one worksite to another. To better fit each user’s physical requirements, the LC 451S also gives users the possibility to adjust the position of the handle.

The LC 451S is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

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