The Husqvarna LC 141Li: Battery lawnmower for convenient and quiet operation


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — unveils the LC 141Li, a smart battery powered walk-behind lawnmower that automatically adapts to rough conditions, quietly cutting lawns without the use of fossil fuels.

On a single charge, the LC 141Li is able to run for about 20 minutes, which is equivalent to cutting about 450 sqm in normal garden conditions, making the walk-behind mower the perfect tool for typical modern gardens. Using the savE™ function while mowing, the LC 141Li mower’s capacity increases even more.

LC 141Li, the first Husqvarna battery walk-behind lawnmower

As indicated by the name, the LC 141Li  has a cutting width of 41 cm (16 inches). The cutting height is adjusted by a single lever that alters the cutting height on all four wheels at the same time, letting users change their cutting settings easily and without the need for any extra tools.

The LC 141Li has a brushless electric motor, which means higher torque and more power — even if the battery is low. With the built in boost function, when the machine enters rough conditions the machine will not slow down or lose power even when it is cutting through thicker and coarser patches of grass. In fact, the LC 141Li is even made to automatically increase its power output and rpm (revolutions per minute) to deliver top performance in case of rough conditions, from around 3100 rpm to 3700 rpm.

Intuitive design and controls
Designed for comfort and to suit a variety of users, the LC 141Li comes with an adjustable and foldable handle, which makes the product easy to adjust to individual needs, and also easy to store in narrow spaces or transport in the back of a car.

The LC 141Li is light and has lifting handles in the front and rear of the mower, which makes the machine easy to lift and transport around the garden

LC 247SP LC 141Li
Above (left to right): New ergonomic handle and grip, as well as the intuitive keypad on the LC 141Li

The newly designed intuitive keypad located at the middle of the handles not only houses the on / off activation button, but also the battery indicator and the savE™ button. This means activation and deactivation of the LC 141Li is comfortably within reach, and makes checking battery power as simple as looking down.

The LC 141Li is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

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