From standard trimmer line to steel blade in 60 seconds


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — releases the 536LiRX, a lightweight battery-powered bullhorn brushcutter engineered for durability and professional performance, facilitating for less downtime.

The brushcutter’s advanced brushless motor makes the 536LiRX around 25% more efficient than machines with standard brush motors. For professionals, this means high and consistent power, even when cutting through high, thick or wet grass, making trimming much faster, as well as giving the machine a longer lifetime compared to traditional brush motors.

The 536LiRX comes with a T25B trimmer head, as well as three or four tooth steel blade for especially dense and coarse undergrowth. The T25B is semi-automatic, so the trimmer line can be fed hands-free and without stopping the machine by simply pushing the head into the ground. The new steel blades can be fitted onto the 536LiRX in less than a minute, transforming the product into a powerful brushcutter that can easily tackle even the densest and coarsest undergrowth.

Two-way rotation and better operability
Imagine a trimmer that throws out grass clippings back onto the lawn instead of the stone path. The dual-rotation possibility on Husqvarna 536LiRX means users will be able to switch the direction of which the trimmer head spins, so that the clippings end up exactly where you want them, making operation fuss-free.  

A high handle bar on the 536LiRX increases freedom of movement, so users don’t keep bumping into the machine when they walk, especially on slopes. The bullhorn handles also give better control and stability to the machine, making trimming work more precise than conventional trimmers in the market.  

savE mode for an extended runtime
An interactive and intuitive keypad makes product operation as simple as pushing a button, which is exactly the way to quickly start and stop the trimmer, eliminating the need for starter cords and extra pulls. Since the product is powered by a battery, the trimmer features a savE function that can maximise runtime by approximately 20% by lowering the machine’s rpm (revolutions per minute). The 536LiRX is also compatible with the backpack battery, so users can easily complete a whole day work on a single charge.

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