Extra-long battery pole saw from Husqvarna


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — releases the 536LiPT5, a quiet and powerful battery pole saw with an aluminium telescopic tube, offering one of the longest reaches on the market at up to 5.5m (16.4ft), equivalent to almost 2-storeys in height.

A fully-charged standard battery gives users the equivalent of approximately one tank of petrol usage, while 20m/s of chain speed ensures the 536LiPT5 is powerful enough to quickly prune trees without the need to rev up the engine before attempting a cut, increasing efficiency and productivity. The pole saw’s high torque results in higher quality cuts, so there is less risk of branches not being fully or properly cut through — which makes this a safer product to use. 

All these features make the 536LiPT5 perfect for power grid clearing, fruit tree pruning and various types of tree-care maintenance work in parks and other urban areas. This makes the 536LiPT5 ideal for users that require quiet and powerful products with good ergonomics and high durability, like forestry experts and green space professionals.

Low weight, high ergonomics
With the 536LiPT5 weighing in at just below 5kg (11 lbs), the product is easy to manoeuvre and control despite its extended length. Additionally, the 536LiPT5 is engineered to have great balance, so that even when users need to lift the product above their heads, control won’t be lost.

The good balance comes from the pole saw’s slim and narrow saw head design, since the weight of the product isn’t concentrated at the head. The cutting bar is located on the left side instead of the right, granting users optimal visibility because they are able to better see exactly where they are cutting and pruning. This means more precision, quicker cutting, as well as a reduced risk of damaging trees.

Link to high res images: www.husqvarna.com/silentcity

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