New low weight Husqvarna edger give lawns a clean and straight cut


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — launches a new durable and high performing straight shaft edger, designed for green space professionals who want straight lawn edges and precise cuts.

The new Husqvarna 525ES edger is built to be robust, and has a solid shaft for increased product lifetime. The edger’s shaft is straight, which means the drive shaft in the tube attached from the engine to the motor experiences less wear because it doesn’t bend. The 525ES edger offers a specially designed gear box and edger housing for more protection against bumps and knocks, further adding to the machine’s durability.

Equipped with a high performing X-Torq® engine, the 525ES edger has adequate power for the task at hand, while also releasing lower amounts of harmful exhaust fumes, providing a better working environment. X-Torq® also means better fuel efficiency, which means the edger can run for an increased amount of time, so users will have to refill the tank less often.

Intuitive solutions for faster edging efficiency
Activating the choke control is as simple as pulling out the lever, without the need for any complicated controls or instructions. It is also quicker and more obvious to see when the choke is activated on the 525ES edger, because the lever is coloured a bright blue.

intuitive choke
Above: Bright blue lever lets users see if choke is activated

A stand-alone starter housing on the 525ES edger makes replacing damaged starter cords much faster and easier — and can even be done while in the field in the middle of a job. The auto-return stop switch further adds to the product’s usability, since the switch will always return to the correct position, so users can start up the machine easily.

The new edger weighs just 4.5 kg, which means less effort using the product, as well as increased handling and manoeuvrability. This lightweight product also means less strain on users’ arms and shoulders, especially over long periods of time, so edging uptime can be maximized.

The 525ES is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

525 Edger

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