Long bars and high cutting performance on the new Husqvarna Rancher


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — introduces a robust and high torque saw with great cutting results, built for demanding users who need plenty of power to cut through thick logs.

The new Husqvarna 465 Rancher has a powerful engine for great cutting results, with the highest output of all Rancher models at 3.2 kW — making it one of the most powerful firewood saws currently on the market. Engineered with AutoTune™, the 465 Rancher gives users the most optimized engine performance through automatic carburettor adjustments, compensating for differences in fuel, altitude, humidity and temperature, so the 465 Rancher can get tough cutting jobs done with as little effort from the user as possible.

The 465 Rancher also has a large bar mount, so users can choose from a variety of bar lengths between 15 inches (38 cm). and up to 28 inches (70 cm). This means the Rancher gives users the possibility to fell and easily cut through large thick trunks.
Quality build for improved reliability
A sturdy crankcase gives the 465 Rancher a robust, strong, and long-lasting build, which translates into maximum durability for a more reliable machine that will be less prone to breakdowns, giving users a chainsaw with a longer product lifespan.

An X-Torq® engine on the machine gives better fuel efficiency by up to 20% as well as reduced exhaust emissions by up to 75% when compared to engines without this feature. This means that users can work more comfortably and economically with the 465 Rancher for longer periods of time — because of less strain and emissions, for improved working efficiency.

The 465 Rancher is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

465 Rancher

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