Low weight, long reach and a remote control mean efficient cutting with new Husqvarna pole hedge trimmers


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — releases two new pole hedge trimmers, crafted for demanding users who want easy product handling and convenient operation. Both products are also equipped with a remote control for fast adjustment of the cutting bar angle.

Designed with low weight in mind for improved productivity, the new pole hedge trimmers weigh just 6.3 kg for the 325HE3 and 6.4 kg for the 325HE4. A low weight product means users can handle and use the product with ease, especially when trimming tall hedges. A light product also means less strain on the user’s shoulders and back, making lifting the product up to cut the top of the hedges less tiring.


The all new pole hedge trimmers: 325HE3 (left) and 325HE4

Both 325 pole hedge trimmer models are equipped with a remote control, which allows users a safe and convenient way to adjust the cutter bar angle. The remote adjustment of the cutting deck also means these new pole hedge trimmers can offer users incredible precision when dealing with a variety of hedge heights and types, for the best possible cut.

A knife length of 55 cm (22 in) on both products coupled with 4300 cuts every minute, translates into efficient cutting from the new 325 series, so users can get their trimming tasks done faster than machines that have a lower speed.

Simple operation through smart controls
An updated design interface comes with more intuitive controls that makes operating the 325 pole hedge trimmers easy, with the auto-return stop switch always resetting to the ‘ON’ position, so starting the pole hedge trimmer becomes simpler. Starting up the machine is also made easier with Smart Start®, since this feature reduces cord resistance by up to 40% for an easier pull, compared to other products without this feature.

Smart Start, SmartStart 525LST

Features that simplify operating the 325 series: SmartStart® (left), and the intuitively designed choke lever (right)

The choke and purge functions have been designed to be easily within reach, as well as easy to understand and use. This means the choke lever has two obvious positions, which in turn reduces the risk of flooding the machine since users can tell if the choke has been activated with a glance. Activating the choke control has also been designed to be as simple as pulling out the lever.

The 325HE3 pole hedge trimmer comes with a 3 m (9.8 ft) reach, and weighs just 6.3 kg (13.8 lbs).

The 325HE4 pole hedge trimmer comes with a maximum reach of 4 m (13.1 ft), and weighs 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs). It also has a transport mode, where the cutter bar can be folded, making the product more mobile. A rear impact guard protects the engine and starter from wear and breakage, as well as accidental bumps and knocks, for improved durability and a longer product lifetime.

The 325HE3 is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.
The 325HE4 is available from Month X at Husqvarna dealers, starting at XXXX Euros/Dollars/SEK/XXX.

325 pole hedge trimmers

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