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Horticulturalist Melissa McPherson on the Husqvarna 525 trimmer: “I can go all day and not even flinch”

Ergonomics, fuel efficiency and a machine that’s a pleasure to work with. Those are the things that make the Husqvarna 525 trimmer worth bickering about, according to horticulturalist Melissa McPherson. “My apprentice and I fight over it every day”, says Melissa McPherson and adds: “I always win”.

As a grounds manager at a shopping centre on the central coast, New South Wales, Australia, Melissa McPherson does everything from lawn care to weed hacking, hedge trimming and tree removal. She knows what kind of equipment she needs to be able to work at her best. Melissa has had the Husqvarna 525 trimmer – or whipper snipper, as said in Australia – for a year now. And though she was a bit wary at first, she soon became impressed with the way it enables her to perform. “I’ve worked in horticulture for 20 years and my experience with machines as lightweight as this one is that they break easily. But this is as good as it was when I got it from the shop. And the lightness of it makes it possible for me to easily whip for two days straight, eight hours a day, without hurting my arms and shoulders”, says Melissa McPherson.

How do you compare the Husqvarna 525 with trimmers from other brands?

“It’s extremely good on fuel. I’ve tried trimmers from other brands and they go through a tank of fuel in no time compared with the Husky – and they often rattle a lot. When I’ve done three hours of whipping with another trimmer, I feel like my arms are ten feet long. With the 525 I can go all day and not even flinch. The vibration level is much lower.”

Would you recommend the Husqvarna 525 to others?

“Oh, yes. People come up to me at the shopping centre and ask me for advice and I always recommend the 525. Even if you were going to use it in your garden at home I’d say it’s worth to buy the 525 instead of the lower-priced model. I think that you will get a better trimmer that will last longer. It’s just a really nice machine to use.”

Quick Facts

Name: Melissa McPherson

Age: 39 years

Hometown: Tacoma, NSW, Australia

Profession: Grounds Manager at a shopping centre on the central coast, New South Wales, Australia,

Equipment: Rider, trimmer, chainsaw, pole saw, pole hedge trimmer

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