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Get more done with the Husqvarna Battery Series

Gone are the days of disturbing the surroundings with your work. The machines in the Husqvarna Battery Series open up a whole new world of possibilities for you to get the work done – outdoors and in.

Husqvarna’s Battery Series consists of machines that are designed with high focus on ergonomics which means they are comfortable and easy to use and will increase your productivity. The Husqvarna unique intuitive keypad makes it easy to start and stop the machines by pushing a button and the SavE button maximises the runtime. The machines are powerful and extremely versatile. The battery machines also come with benefits such as maintenance free motors, low noise levels, no fumes and low weight. Here are some of the areas where the benefits of a battery product really shine.

Noise-sensitive areas

If you choose one of our battery machines, you will work with up to 15 dB(A) lower noise level than you would with a petrol-fuelled one. To put that in context, a reduction of 3dB(A) is seen as having halved the noise level. This means that you can work around the clock, even in noise-sensitive locations such as residential areas, near hospitals and in public parks.


The battery-powered machines mean eliminated petrol costs. Apart from being great from a financial point of view, the lack of petrol also means no fumes. That in turn opens up a whole new field of usage – indoor operation. The battery chainsaw has come in handy for many carpenters and is also perfect for sawmill operators to use when logs get stuck in their machines. And cleaning large indoor spaces, such as arenas, has never been easier, with the silent operation of a Husqvarna blower.

Can be a lifesaver

The battery machines aren’t dependent on oxygen to work. This has proven to be a great thing for firefighters, who can use the battery chainsaw to take down doors and other obstacles to get people out of places with high smoke levels.

Blower 536LiB Battery

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