How to - Husqvarna Battery Series

Battery products offer a unique set of benefits to the user. Not only are they quieter than petrol products, they are emissions free too, plus they are easy to maintain. See just how easy with our how to videos below. Click on the images below for the video to play.
Battery pack

How to store Husqvarna batteries over winter

To prevent fully discharging your battery when storing it for long periods without use, you should follow the quick and easy tips shown on this video. Husqvarna Li-ion battery should always be stored in a cool, dry place and have a minimum charge of 50%. The storage temperature should always be between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius.

How to - Husqvarna Battery Series

savE mode on the Husqvarna battery grass trimmer is designed to lower the trimmer head RPM at full throttle, while retaining torque to enable the user to preserve battery life while cutting light grass. Simply push one button on the battery trimmer to turn savE mode on and off.
Battery hedgetrimmer 536LiHD70X

How to set up & fit the battery backpack correctly

This short video explains how to set up and adjust the backpack battery, used to work in conjunction with Husqvarna’s professional battery products. A properly fitting backpack battery ensures a more comfortable fit and reduces tiredness when in use, allowing you to work longer without breaks.
136LiL/115iL + Automower

How to change the cutting line on a battery grass trimmer

Replacing the cutting line on a Husqvarna battery grass trimmer is easy. Watch this short video on how to change the nylon line on a Husqvarna grass trimmer for an easy step by step guide.