Husqvarna Try Before You Buy

Experience an effortless cut and the benefits of a robotic lawn mower in your own garden. At Husqvarna, we are so confident that you'll love Husqvarna Automower® that we are offering Husqvarna Try Before You Buy. Let the Husqvarna Automower® mow your lawn for 45 days and experience the unparalleled results yourself. All you need to do is to pay a $99 refundable deposit to commence the 45 days trial and experience the results for yourself. We will supply expert advice and a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Every garden is unique, our expert dealers will help you to find your perfect fit and be worry-free in the choice you make.

Exclusively available at selected Dealers

This offer is exclusively available at selected dealers within the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Central Coast, and Mornington Peninsula areas and is only available for a limited time. Valid for sign-up from 1st October 2022 - 30th November 2022.

Sign up and one of our expert dealers will contact you to schedule an in person consultation.

How does Try Before You Buy work?

Once you have signed up, one of our expert dealers will contact you to schedule an in person consultation. 

Our expert dealers will provide personalised guidance, a product demonstration and recommendation to suit your lawn needs. The dealer will also provide a quotation

If you are happy with the recommendation and quote provided at the initial consultation and would like to sign up to the Try before you buy offer, you will need to pay a $99 refundable deposit to the selected dealer to secure an Automower® for your garden. 

The dealer will confirm an appropriate installation date and will then install Automower® to kick start your trial. 

You will have 45 days to trial the product and make an informed decision at the end of the trial. Keep Automower® and pay the remaining amount or return for free and receive a full refund on the $99 deposit. 

Automower® - A smart robotic lawn mower

Husqvarna Automower® is the world leader in robotic lawn mowing. Automower® provides freshly cut lawn 24/7 without any effort on your part. It will also improve the quality of your lawn as the fine grass clippings are returned to the soil, naturally fertilising your lawn resulting in a healthier green lawn.

True to the Husqvarna heritage, Automower® takes advantage of the latest technology while at the same time offering the high reliability of Swedish engineering. 

Ensuring that no garden is left behind, Husqvarna offer a wide range of robotic lawn mowers, no matter the size, shape or slope of your lawn. From small lawns to complex and large lawns up to 5000m2. 

Automower charging station​
Simple & convenient
You will unlock hours of free time each year. Instead of mowing the lawn you can spend more time with your family and friends, and engage in activities that are more enjoyable. Automower® even finds its way back to the charging station automatically, where it recharges and then resumes mowing, all without any effort on your part.
Automower in Rain
Day or night, rain or shine
No more need to plan your mowing depending on the weather. Automower® gives you great cutting results in any type of weather. Its vital parts are safely protected from rain as well as dust and grass clippings.​ Day or night, rain or shine, you can rely on it to be out there doing its job effortlessly.
Automower AIM / Zone Control
Covers all area
Husqvarna offer a wide range of robotic lawn mowers, no matter the size, shape or slope of your lawn. From small lawns to complex and large lawns up to 5000m2 as well as steep inclines of up to 70% or 35º.
Automower 305 and Alexa
Built for safety and security
Automower® is equipped with design features that reduce the risk of harm, including sensors that detect objects in its path where the mower will stop and reverse, pivoting safety blades that fold back when they encounter a solid object. It also has a range of security features including an in-built alarm that goes off when the mower is picked up, the alarm can only be turned off with a unique PIN code.

Product features for a smarter everyday

Thanks to GPS tracking and full connectivity, you can follow your Automower® and update its settings wherever you are. Automower® Connect is featured on all X-Line models. For Automower® models equipped with Connect@ Home (Bluetooth® connection), Automower® Connect Kit is available as an accessory.

*Automower® Connect includes a 10 year mobile data contract. This only applies if a third party provides sufficient mobile coverage in the area.

An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then remember which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimised lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.

Adapts the time spend mowing so Automower® works more in periods of strong grass growth and less in dry, sunny weather.

When it enters an area with taller grass than average, Automower® will work in a concentrated systematic spiral pattern to even out differences.

Automower® 450X and 435X AWD use ultrasonic technology to detect objects in the cutting path. The mower slows down to gently bump against the object, turn and continue its work.

All Automower® models can manage passages as narrow as 60 cm. Automatic passage handling makes installation easier and minimises track marks.

With Automower® Connect, your robotic mower is ready to become part of your smart home. You can voice-control it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and you can use it in IFTTT applets. Perhaps you want it to park when your kids come home from school or perfectly synchronise it with the weather.


You will receive an email from Husqvarna 7 days before your trial is due to end; this email will have instructions regarding your decision to keep or return your Automower®. If you wish to keep it then the Dealer you purchased from will be in touch to coordinate the remainder of your payment OR if you wish to return the Automower® then the Dealer you purchased from will be in touch to coordinate this return and refund the $99 deposit you paid.

No, you can discuss this with your chosen Dealer following the sign up using the form here.

No you cannot change during the trial, however we are confident that you will be advised to purchase the correct model for your garden and requirements via our selected expert Dealers. Also, you will be able to contact the Dealer's customer service at any time throughout trial if anything isn't working as expected.​