Automower® Care and Maintenance Tips

Care and maintenance are among some of the most asked questions when it comes to robotic lawn mowers - which is exactly what we’ll be covering. Everything from how to clean your Automower®, how to change its blades and when to send it in for servicing.

Owning an Automower simplifies lawn care throughout the year. Once everything is installed and in place, your Automower® runs to a set schedule to create a perfect lawn with grass that looks as if it never grows. Of course, as with all garden care tools, there are ways to get the most out of your Automower® and keep it working with the grass looking as good as ever!

Care and maintenance are among some of the most asked questions when it comes to robotic lawn mowers - which is exactly what we’ll be covering. Everything from how to clean your Automower®, how to change its blades and when to send it in for servicing. So, let’s kick things off with the most asked question first; “How can I clean my Automower®?” 

How to Clean an Automower® 

When it comes to getting the most out of your Automower®, keeping it clean and in good condition goes a long way to keeping it powering around the lawn like a pro without any issues. For the most part, you won’t need to perform any out of the ordinary cleaning or maintenance, but a general clean every now and then won’t go amiss.

If you’re wondering how to clean your Automower® here are seven simple steps to getting the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

 Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

1. Turn the MAIN POWER switch ON\OFF button to ‘off’, and put on a pair of protective gloves. This machine has blades, so safety comes first.
2. If your Automower® is docked at the charging station, push the STOP button and pull it out of the dock to prevent any damage when lifting it.
3. Lay a towel or old blanket on the bench or ground and place your Automower® upside-down on it. This will help prevent any scratches to the body. Use your hands to remove the bulk of any clippings, dirt and debris.
4. Next, take a dry brush such as the one found in the Automower® Cleaning & Maintenance Kit and run it over the wheels, body and skid plate to remove any stubborn debris.
5. Turn the Automower® back around to remove any loosened debris and loose clippings - but don’t shake it excessively.
6. Now, take a damp microfiber cloth free from solvents and detergents and wipe down the panels, chassis, etc. and allow it to air-dry.
7. Take it to your Elite Automower® Dealer for professional cleaning and servicing including firmware updates and component tests every six months to keep it running at peak performance.

To ensure you don’t cause damage to your Automower® when cleaning it yourself, there are a few things you should avoid doing. These include the following:

● Never submerge your Automower® in water or use a hose when it's upside down.
● Don’t use a pressure washer to clean it. This can force water into the electrics.
● Solvents, chemicals and detergents can destroy the chassis and inner parts.
● Avoid using wire wool and wire brushes to clean your Automower®.
● Never clean your Automower® while the power is still on.


How to Replace Automower® Blades

Over time, friction and general wear and tear will cause the blades to become dull. This is perfectly normal and exactly the same as with every lawnmower on the market. For those who have gravel, stones or sand in the lawn, blades can erode or become damaged much quicker. Husqvarna Long Life Safety Blades should be replaced every 6-8 weeks and Husqvarna Endurance Safety Blades every 3-4 months.

Replacing your Automower® blades is relatively straightforward. If you’re not sure how to do it, it’s always best to have your Elite Automower® Dealer do it for you. However, if you want to do it yourself, the following steps will help.

1. Turn your Automower® ‘off’ using the ON/OFF button or via the MAIN SWITCH and put on some protective gloves.
2. Lay a towel or old blanket on the bench or ground and place your Automower® upside-down on it. This will help prevent any scratches to the body and prevent loss of blades or screws.
3. Turn the skid plate until the holes in the blades line up with the holes in the plate. 
4. Using a phillips head or flat screwdriver, unscrew (counter-clockwise) the 3 screws that secure the blades in position. 
5. Remove each of the blades and set them aside. Replace with the new blades and using the new screws provided, firmly screw them back into position (clockwise).
6. Finally, turn the blades to ensure they are in position and can pivot without any obstruction.

Remember to dispose of your blades safely and avoid trying to sharpen them yourself to reuse. While this might seem like an economical option, it could cause damage to your Automower® and void the warranty. 

How Often to Have an Automower® Serviced?

When asking this question, you’ll probably notice that most people will answer with “regular servicing.” But what exactly is regular for Automower®? After all, one person’s regular is someone else’s “too often”. 

Whenever you see us - or anyone - say regular servicing, it normally means at least once a year. Annual servicing and maintenance are usually more than sufficient, especially with a brand new Automower®.  Recommended service intervals and checks can be found in the Owners Manual.

There are also other benefits to be had from an annual servicing, which we’ll touch on shortly. But the majority of people find regular annual servicing enough unless they are experiencing unexpected issues - which can typically be resolved quickly. 


Can I Extend my Automower® Warranty?

Husqvarna Care provides a 2-year warranty on most products - including all Automower® models across the range. But it is possible to extend your warranty to 5-years with a little bit of know-how.

It’s entirely possible to add a further 3-years onto your standard 2-year warranty by purchasing an Automower® Cleaning & Maintenance Kit and having your Automower® serviced annually at your local authorised Husqvarna Elite Automower® Dealer - who will extend your warranty to either 5-years or 6,000 working hours (whichever arrives first).

However, there are limitations to this, with batteries and installations being limited to 2-years and normal wear excluded.  Not only will your Servicing Dealer ensure everything is in perfect working order and in excellent condition, but you’ll be covered for up to half a decade!

Discover the Secret to a Perfect Lawn
Now you know how to take care of your Automower®, why not let it take care of your lawn? Spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your garden this summer while the Automower® runs to your programmed schedule - day or night.

Using patented GPS tracking to ensure every blade of grass is cut while returning the most nutrient-dense clippings to the ground, you get to enjoy a greener, healthier, happier lawn without ever needing to manually mow again.

Find your perfect match on our website today or visit your local Husqvarna Elite Automower® Dealer for more information.

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