Amazon Alexa connection, step by step

Note: Automower® Connect and Amazon Alexa apps are available for Apple iOS and Android. This is how you connect your Husqvarna Automower® to Amazon Alexa:

Step 1.
Make sure that your mower has an Automower® Connect installed.

Step 2.
Download the latest version of Automower® Connect on your smartphone. Create an account if you don’t have one, then connect Automower®.

Step 3.
Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

Step 4.
Create an Amazon account (the free version will be sufficient for Automower® functions).
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Step 5.
Open Amazon Alexa app. Open menu and select skills/games. Select search and type “Automower”. Note: If the app is offline – deselect alexa in your wi-fi settings

Step 6.
Select Automower®, Activate Automower® Skills

Step 7.
Use Automower® Connect user data to login

Step 8.
Alexa and Automower® are now connected!

Smart Home integration
Smart Home integration

What to do if Automower® can’t be controlled through Alexa

If you are unable to control Husqvarna Automower® by voice command through your Amazon Alexa device, here is a checklist to solve the problem:

1. Is your Alexa device on?

2. Is your Alexa device properly connected to your Wi-Fi network?

3. Is the local internet service down? (Test it by opening a webpage in your browser.)

4. Is the Alexa service down? (Go to Amazon [link] for information.)

5. Are you able to control Automower® using Automower® Connect app?

6. Is Automower® properly connected to Alexa? If not, please see Amazon Alexa connection, step by step above.

7. Which Automower® action are you trying to control? Please see supported voice commands and try another command.

Amazon Alexa, Automower 435X AWD

Amazon Alexa connection, step by step