How Can a Husqvarna Automower® Grow Your Business?

Offering a new channel of opportunity for professional landscapers and greenspace businesses, robotics are revolutionising lawn care. Husqvarna has the world’s best-selling robotic lawnmower, and commercial use of the Automower® is growing at an increasing rate - and for good reason.

Robotic lawn mowers free up time for operators by automating low valued added work and enables them to focus on the higher level, more skilled jobs. This in turn improves productivity, profit margins, customer satisfaction and helps you build a larger client base without necessarily having to employ more staff. 

By automating lawn care with a robot lawnmower, your customers not only get a professional finish year-round, but you also gain a technological edge over your competitors. To show you how an Automower® can help propel your business forward, here’s everything you need to know about robotic lawn mowers in commercial settings.

Robotic Lawn Mowers For Professionals

As technology in the home and garden space continues to accelerate, integration is more important than ever before, and a professional range of Robotic Lawn Mowers will have this in mind. For example, you can monitor and control your Automower® from any location and at any time using Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM, a cloud-based solution that gives you a complete overview of all robotic mowers in the fleet, as well as full remote control from one unified system.

Other beneficial technological features of a Husqvarna Automower® include weather timers, anti-theft security features, GPS assisted navigation, remote object detection and round the clock cutting, which are all included as standard on our commercial robotic mowers. Better yet, you can say goodbye to transporting heavy lawnmowers and excess equipment. Once installed, the Automower® takes care of lawns and green spaces for you - even when you’re not there.

Increased Output With A Professional Finish

Every landscape business owner knows that increased output results in improved profits - as long as you don’t need to hire more staff to achieve it. With a robot lawn mower in your fleet you can save hundreds of hours each year on lawn care, allowing you to focus your energy on profit-boosting tasks such as cleaning, pruning and trimming - all while the lawn is taken care of by your robotic lawn mower.

With a superior cut and finish no matter the weather or time of day, robotic lawn mowers give you more control and flexibility over your business ensuring your clients are as satisfied as possible. The pivoting blades and brushless motor improve cut and finish while keeping things as quiet as possible, which is perfect for schools, hotels and public areas. When combined with the Husqvarna range of Battery-Series tools, you can take your landscaping business to a whole new level of environmental consciousness.

Automower® Professional Applications

The Automower® can be used in a variety of situations from small landscaping businesses maintaining residential lawns to large green space businesses looking to spend less time on manual mowing and more time on other more profitable tasks.

We spoke to Rob Kerslake, Owner at Verduous Gardens, to get his take on how the Automower® performs on his lawn.

“We’ve had the Automower® installed for six months now,” Rob Said. “The grass is greener, there’s little to no time investment from us, and we’ve got a better quality lawn. It can even run in all weather conditions.”  

Rob says he’s truly impressed with the  Automower®, and is now building out his business using it as a product to service high end gardens and landscapes around Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. 

Some of the most common places you’ll find robotic lawn mowers operating include:

Client Gardens & Estates
Small, medium and large private residential gardens and estate grounds in need of consistent and regular care. Discover an easier way to the perfect lawn for your customers, no matter the size or complexity. With easy installation and remote operation, you can put Automower® to work while you’re on another job - killing two birds with one stone.

Hotel Grounds & Resorts
Hotels and resorts require almost daily grounds maintenance, especially when it comes to communal lawns and gardens. The almost silent operation of the Automower® means it’s able to work throughout the night without disturbing guests, and GPS assisted navigation and remote object detection allow Automower® to track mowing patterns and avoid running into stray objects. With a robotic lawnmower in these types of locations, guests will enjoy lush lawns that never seem to grow.

Golf Courses & Sports Clubs
Golf courses and sports clubs require lawns that are always perfectly maintained to the highest possible standards. The Automower® is more than capable of providing a year-round perfect finish that is green, healthy, dense and at just the right length. Use multiple units controlled by Husqvarna Fleet Services™ to maintain larger areas, so even the largest golf courses and sporting grounds can be included in your client base, boosting profits without requiring any additional manpower or manual mowing.

Standout Features Of The Automower®

With the Automower® you get a perfect cut with lower costs and fewer emissions - important when growing a modern green space business. As the Automower® takes care of your client’s lawns around the clock, your time is freed up to take care of more manual and profitable tasks. Some of the most beneficial features include:

Husqvarna Fleet Services™ - with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ enjoy total control over starting, stopping, charging and more, along with real-time service history and location data.
● Random Pattern Cutting - thanks to the randomised cutting pattern, lawns receive a perfect cut with a carpet-like finish throughout the entire year. Cutting the most tender grass blades returns nutrients to the roots for a greener lawn.
● Weather Timer -  Prevents the Automower® from over-mowing the lawn. When scheduled to mow, the Automower® will sense the resistance of the grass blades and if there is no resistance, it will return to its charging station, rather than continue to mow
● Remote Object Detection - No need to worry about the Automower® destroying toys, lawn objects and wildlife thanks to the inbuilt remote object detection sensors.
● GPS Assisted Navigation - navigate large and complex lawns and grounds with the help of satellite navigation. Maximum precision, no matter how challenging the terrain is.
● Green Garden-Friendly - as the Automower® is fully electric powered, there are zero noxious exhaust emissions, making public use more desirable.
● Quiet Operation - the brushless, ultra-silent motor and advanced battery power creates a whisper-quiet cutting experience that can run day and night without disturbing nearby residents.

Add Automower® Installations To Your Service List

As robotic mowers become more sought after, why not add another service to your list that sets you apart from competitors? Learn how to set up, install and service the Husqvarna Automower® and open up new opportunities for growth within your business. 

Rob Kerslake has done just that, and now installs robotic mowers into the homes of many of his clients.

“After seeing what the Husqvarna Automower® could do in my own garden, I recommend them as a mowing solution to my clients. Seeing how successful they are and the opportunity for growth, we now offer demonstrations, set up, installation and maintenance as part of our business services,”

Start Your Journey To A Better Landscaping Business

With modern technology and advanced designs available at your fingertips, robotic lawn mowers such as the Husqvarna Automower® make it possible for green space and landscaping professionals to enter a whole new level of productivity and profitability - without needing to hire additional staff. 

Designed to take care of lawns, sports fields, parks, public green spaces and residential properties alike, there’s never been a better time to expand your client base without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

Not sure which Automower®  is best for your business needs? Visit your local Husqvarna dealer today to run through your options or view the complete range online. With models perfect for every environment, the Automower® is the only tool you need to become a leader of lawn care expertise in your area.


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