Husqvarna protective wear: Materials handpicked for protection and flexibility

At Husqvarna, we’ve worked hard to learn what defines comfort in professional forestry and logging, how it can be improved, and what type of comfort is needed in each part of your workday.

The materials used in Husqvarna protective clothes have either been developed by us, or handpicked and put through numerous tests in our lab and in the forest to make sure they make the cut.

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Cordura® Reflex

This fabric delivers the wear-and-tear resistance needed on the most exposed areas. The reflective yarn in the fabric gives high visibility in dark or dim conditions. Available in our Technical Extreme range.

Weight: 335 g/m2. Material: 100 % Polyamide.

Cordura® Checkered

A fabric that delivers the needed resistance for areas exposed to wear and tear. Coated on back for improved water resistance. Available in our Technical Extreme range.

Weight: 225 g/m2. Material: 100 % Polyamide.

Feather Stretch

Our lightest fabric, with 2-way stretch. Used for areas requiring high flexibility. Provides freedom of movement and increases comfort. Available in our Technical Extreme range.

Weight: 185 g/m2. Material: 66 % Polyester / 34 % Elastane.

Light Weight Stretch

This light 4-way stretch fabric stretches in all directions, both crosswise and lengthwise. The fabric is breathable, and combines exceptional flexibility with maximum comfort. Available in our Technical Extreme range.

Weight: 190 g/m2. Material: 88 % Polyester (14 % Polyester Coolmax®) / 12 % Elastane (Lycra®).

Aramide Mélange

A fibre composition that combines abrasion-resistant Kevlar® fibres and hardwearing Cordura® fibres, resulting in a tough fabric, perfect for reinforcing exposed areas. Available in our Technical range.

Weight: 240 g/m2. Material: 45 % Cordura® / 30 % Polyamid / 25 % Kevlar®.

Comfortable Stretch

A 4-way stretch fabric that stretches in all directions, both crosswise and lengthwise. This breathable fabric combines great flexibility with remarkable comfort, for exceptional movability. Available in our Technical range.

Weight: 235 g/m2. Material: 92 % Polyester / 8 % Lycra®.

Cordura® Heavy

Used for the most exposed areas of the garments, such as around ankles and wrists. Cordura® Heavy has a Teflon® finish which repels water, oil and stains. Available in our Functional and Technical range.

Weight: 220 g/m2. Material: 100 % Cordura®.

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