Product focus

Refuel without waste

The smart Combi Can features two separate containers that have been designed to achieve an optimized fuel and chain oil ratio (5.0 / 2.5 litres), making it the ideal companion when working with two-stroke engines. The fuel level window provides a clear view of the remaining fuel and oil in each container.
Additional benefits of the Combi Can include;

Overfill Protection
The flow stops automatically when the machines tank is full, which means you can lift the Combi Can without spilling any fuel or oil.

Integrated Toolbox
Featuring an integrated tool box for frequent parts and common tools, each with a dedicated compartment - making it easy to bring extra tools and frequent parts while you work.

Mechanical Lock 
Each spout features a mechanical lock to prevent unexpected opening or leakage – in fact, you can turn the can completely upside down without any leakage.

Ergonomic Grip
The handle design focuses on providing the user with a good, stable two-handed grip, making it easier to lift the can when carrying or refuelling.

Technical Specifications:
Fuel container volume - 5.0 litres  

Oil container volume - 2.5 litres 
Approvals Approved in accordance with UN recommendations. 

RRP incl. GST - $59.95

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