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Taking care of your chain and the environment

Husqvarna has launched the newly developed Husqvarna Bio Advanced vegetable chain oil. Offering superior lubrication and exceptional performance, the unique vegetable-based formula is designed especially for Husqvarna saws to ensure functionality, even in extreme conditions. Its improved oxidation resistance means chainsaws stay smooth and ready to go – even after storage.

Oxidation resistance

Husqvarna Bio Advanced leaves your chainsaw ready to use even after a period of storage. Its unique formulation offers up to 35% better anti-oxidation performance than competing oils which reduces the risk for chain clogging significantly, according to DIN 51554-3.


As well as performance and reliability, the vegetable based formulation of Husqvarna Bio Advanced is made from renewable base plant stocks and is biodegradable for a reduced environmental impact. Biodegradability: >90% according to OECD 301 B/ F.


With an exceptionally high viscosity index the viscosity change is smaller in a wide temperature range and it pours freely down to -20°C.  Bio Advanced offers 12% better lubrication than our current VegOil formula, and protects your cutting equipment against wear even in the harshest climate, according to ISO 20623.

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