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Husqvarna X-Cut: Designing a better saw chain

For the first time, there are original Husqvarna saw chains, and they are made where it all once started – in Huskvarna, Sweden. Why, you might wonder. Well, the story actually starts at the end. Through all our research and development, making your output the highest possible has been the overarching goal.

For decades, Husqvarna has been one of the world’s most respected chainsaw brands. There is no simple explanation as to why that is. But a major key to the brand’s success has always been the constant focus on the user’s output. Anyone picking up a Husqvarna chainsaw should be able to count on getting the best possible returns.

“Manufacturing our own saw chains is not something we have embarked on just for fun, or because we felt like it,” Lead Engineer Hans-Åke Sundberg says, rather seriously. “Through all the years, we have never stopped improving our users’ experience and output. The cutting equipment plays an extremely important role in that.”

More than just high quality

“The dream of an original Husqvarna saw chain has been with us for a long time,” Global Product Manager Mattias Karlsson adds. “Making it a reality, however, has taken a huge amount of planning, research and strategic thinking. There’s no trial and error in a Husqvarna product launch.”

Naturally, the Husqvarna saw chains had to meet the high quality of the Husqvarna chainsaws. But for most users, Husqvarna stands for more than just robustness and performance – it’s about trust.

“You must be able to trust that the machine you have invested in will give you the highest efficiency and the best results,” Karlsson continued. “Living up to those expectations requires considerable commitment from the manufacturer.”

At the heart of Husqvarna

The saw chain factory was built from scratch over the course of several years. Its strategic location, right beside the original chainsaw factory in Huskvarna, Sweden, underlines its importance – it is right at the heart of the brand.

Inside this advanced and modern saw chain factory, there is a rich variety of complex machinery, winding production lines and elaborate processes. Not one part of the saw chain comes ready from any supplier – it’s all made here, from raw steel to finished product. In addition to the factory, Husqvarna realized that they also had to build an adjacent little sawmill to be able to continuously test prototypes.

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Developed backwards

“The single most important part of a logger’s every day is the cubic meter output,” said Sundberg. “We worked backwards from there. We identified the right product features, the right manufacturing, the right materials, the right competence, and the right mindset for a long-term venture into a new field.”

The X-Cut saw chain has been tested and fine-tuned for about two years now. Following classic Husqvarna procedures, a combination of lab tests and test runs in different environments has been crucial for perfecting its features, refining its design and ensuring its quality.

Ready for action

So, from the end to the beginning and back to the end, we have finally arrived. After years of planning, research, development, testing, collaboration with loggers, and some more testing, the first Husqvarna saw chain is ready to be mounted on your chainsaw. It’s ready for hard, uninterrupted work, ready to give you maximum efficiency and output – ready when you are.

Read more about the X-Cut saw chain, and examine its features up close, by following the link below:

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