How to create a championship football pitch

Dreaming of having a grass as good as you’d find in Camp Nou or Old Trafford? It’s possible – even if you haven’t got the same resources as FC Barcelona or Manchester United. Leading sports grass expert Simeon Liljenberg is here to teach you the tricks that can turn almost any football field into a championship pitch.

"Create a plan and stick to it"

As Head Groundsman at Sweden’s national football stadium, Friends Arena, Simeon Liljenberg knows what he’s talking about. It’s all about having a game plan, to borrow an expression from the world of sports. “To begin with, it’s important to create a thorough maintenance plan with continuous improvements – and then make sure you stick to it,” he says. Here are Liljenberg’s five top tips for creating the best possible football turf.

"The Automower® effect"

Last but not least: could robotic mowing somehow help to create a championship pitch? As a matter of fact, Automower® Club Solution is a new feature that facilitates aeration (thanks to fewer boundary wires over a larger area) which, as we’ve seen, is very important for a healthy pitch. Furthermore, several studies (for instance, one carried out by The University of Pisa) shows that the use of Automower® makes grass roots grow deeper, which make the grass stronger and more resistant to wear. It also reduces moss and decreases leaf width, which means overall improvements in grass quality.

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Wer ist Simeon Lilienberg?

Wohnort: In einer kleinen Stadt von Nossebro nördlich von Gothenburg in Schweden, zusammen mit seiner Frau und zwei Kindern.
Ausbildung: Rasen-Management an der Universität St. Andrews in Schottland.
Beruf: Sport-Rasen Experte
Besondere Aufgaben: Simeon arbeitet als Leitender Platzwart im schwedischen Fußballstadion Friends Arena. Er ist außerdem Platz-Berater des schwedischen Fußballverbandes und inspiziert und genehmigt Plätze, die für die höchste schwedische Fußballliga verwendet werden.
Lieblings-Fußballverein: Tottenham Hotspur FC, London, UK.


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    Prepare your pitch for the winter cold

    As winter draws near, it's time to prepare the football pitch in the best way possible so that it's in shape come spring. Read grass expert Simeon Liljenberg's best tips for the very best results.

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    "Overall, Automower® delivers a better-quality pitch"

    After almost four months of testing, sports grass expert Simeon Liljenberg's verdict is clear: An Automower® robotic mower deliver a much better result than a conventional rotary mower.

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    Automower® vs conventional mowing

    Husqvarna is carrying out a test where a pitch will be mowed by a professional Automower® robotic mower on one half, and a ride-on rotary mower on the other. Which will produce the best football turf?


Dreaming of having a grass as good as you'd find in Camp Nou or Old Trafford? It's possible. Simeon Liljenberg shares his five top tips that can turn almost any football pitch into a championship pitch.
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