Quiet professional backpack battery blower with 8 hour runtime and boost function


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — unveils the 536LiBX, a well-balanced professional backpack battery blower that is powerful and light, equipped with cruise control and a boost function. The 536LiBX also has among the lowest noise levels.

The new blower is a high-performance machine engineered and designed for demanding tasks — making it a perfect tool for professional landscapers and gardeners. Being a very quiet machine means the 536LiBX is the perfect tool for cleaning city centres and public areas because of minimum disruption to its surroundings. 

If the 536LiBX is left blowing continuously, the battery backpack can supply up to 8 hours of runtime, which translates into the battery backpack lasting one entire shift when used normally. The long runtime eliminates the need to recharge in-between each work shift.

Excellent ergonomics
At a mere 2.5kg (5.5lbs), the 536LiBX is one of the lightest blowers in its class and has been optimized for good balance, making the product a lot easier to handle with just one hand or when attached to the harness, which lessens the amount of stress put on a user’s arm and shoulders.

The 536LiBX has been engineered to have a slim 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) width, ensuring the build of the blower does not interfere with user operation. This further increases usability, and makes switching between hands a breeze.

Control air flow with the push of a button
The 536LiBX comes with two great features that give users control over the power of the blower: cruise control and a boost function. Cruise control means a required air volume for each job can be easily set. The steady airflow extends runtime and helps the user to avoid blow away unwanted material. The boost function can be used whenever users feel the need for extra power to move heavier debris. Both cruise and boost mode can be accessed on the 536LiBX’s intuitive keypad, located on the top of the blower.

Link to high res images: www.husqvarna.com/silentcity


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