Husqvarna Blowers

We put natural forces in your hands.

Besides using a power storm for blowing away leaves and debris in the garden, there are hundreds of uses when cleaning up machinery, sheds, barns and other places. In short, our blowers are the ultimate tools for all kinds of cleaning up.


The powerful engine, high air speed and large air volume make our blowers remarkably effective for blowing and collecting all sorts of leaves and debris.

High blowing capacity
The powerful and easy to start X-Torq® engine in combination with effective fan design delivers high air speed and high air flow.


Since they are carried on our comfortable harnesses, our blowers are extremely easy to handle.

Padded harness
Comfortable padded harness with load-reducing hipbelt.
Ergonomic handle
The handle can be angled and has rubber inserts for a stable, comfortable grip.


To reduce pollution of the environment, our blower engines have low fuel consumption and low emission levels.

X-Torq® engine
The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.