For maneuverability, efficiency and convenience in a homeowner zero-turn mower package, the residential series really delivers. True zero-turn mower performance with twin, maintenance-free integrated transmissions, heavy-duty front wide casters and a rugged tube steel frame. High performance Air Induction cutting decks with a reinforced deck trim allow side ejection, or optional mulch, and collection capability. Convenient control placement, foam padded steering levers and an adjustable seat make these units easy and enjoyable to operate.

Kohler, 26 hp, 54 inch


$ 3,199.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for RZ5426

  • Individual, hydraulic wheel-drive provides very precise maneuvering and allows the mower to rotate around its own axis, without any turning radius.

  • Air is drawn from the top and bottom of the deck, improving grass lift and delivering a superior cut.

  • Worry free performance with maintenance free, integrated zero-turn transmissions.

  • The robust frame and casters ensure durability and reduced chassis flex.

  • Removable foot pan for easy access to deck belt pulleys, spindles and clean-up.

  • Dual levers with foam-padded hand grips and viscous dampers that reduce vibration, create a comfortable operator experience.

  • Facilitates cleaning of the cutting deck. Attach the hose, turn on the water and start the engine and you will get a cleaner deck. For optimum results, clean the mower directly after use.

  • Increase productivity and versatility with a 9 bushel triple bag collection system. Unique design removes or installs in a matter of minutes.

More features

  • Kohler Engine
  • Reinforced steel cutting deck
  • Feather light deck lift
  • Easy-access service points
  • Hour meter with service minder
  • Comfortable operation
  • Adjustable tracking

Product reviews for RZ5426

HUSQVARNA RZ5426 3.8 5 45 45
First time with a zero turn (RX5426) Not for the squeamish. A big learning experience from the traditional lawn tractor, particularly for us older folks. Sure miss having a brake pedal. It slides a bit too much on side hill cuts, but probably not too much of a problem with just a very mild slope. Great performance on flat ground, but a hard turn can (and most likely will) damage the lawn a bit. Be very careful trying to stop going down any slope. I also miss the floating deck from my Husqvarna lawn tractor. Unlike a lawn tractor, this is not something to let the youngsters use without a lot of additional supervision. August 25, 2013
Crossing my fingers..... Bought a returned and repaired mower from Lowes. I only paid $2200 for it so I can't complain to much if I need to do "a little fixing." Both the power and cut are fine. My only complaint is the drive tires seem slick. I have mowed ~10 degree grade with some tire slippage. The mowing speed is high and the controls are abrupt which lead to inadvertent wheel spin. In perspective, I had an all-wheel drive New Holland finishing mower that would spin a wheel on the same terrain. This is a mower that must be driven with precision and FULL attention at all times. Driving it with finesse and care are rewarded with minimum wheel spin. Other than the poor traction, I don't personally have a complaint. However, since my machine was returned, and then repaired for a failed L-sided transmission, I'm concerned about the quality of the mower. My mower had 27 hours on it when I got it and I've put 4 on it so far. My Husky chainsaw and weed-eater have been reliable and with out need of repair for 7 years. Clearly Husqvarna has a problem with quality on this machine. I called the Husqvarna repair facility that did the warranty repair on the transmission. I discovered that their ENTIRE business is made up of repairing Husquvarna products for LOWES. Hmmmmm...... I've got my fingers crossed that mine has the "bugs" worked out of it now and it'll now be a reliable mower. For another $1000 I could have purchased a new "BadBoy" or a used SCAT. .....keeping my fingers crossed...... July 30, 2013
JUNK!!! Run from this one as fast as you can! 24 hours on the machine and it has broken 5 times. 1 - Broken parking brake. Unable to lock the parking brake in the upward position. Lowe's sent away to fix (2 weeks). 2- Left hydro seized. Lowe's takes another 2 weeks to fix. 3- After the left hydro was replaced by Lowe's they obviously did not test it. It would just spin slowly in reverse even with the machine in neutral. Lowe's takes another 2 weeks to fix. Machine comes back "missing" a trim piece. 4- Returned from Lowe's to find the parking brake safety switch is broken off the mount. Unable to start the mower. I refused to give it back to Lowe's and just wire tied it into position. 5- The most recent and potentially life threatening incident. The bolt that connects the hydro and steering sticks falls out while mowing. This left the machine in full forward speed with one wheel as I was pulling back on both sticks. Machine goes into a full speed turn and crashes into my shed. I have some steep drop offs on my property and if I had been near one I could have easily crashed over edge and rolled the machine. Absolute disgrace that such an important component just comes undone for no reason. Going to take the machine back to Lowe's and demand a refund. July 25, 2013
The only way to mow! I have had this mower for a couple of months now and have about 12 hours of use on it. So far I have been very pleased with my purchase and feel that I received a great value for the price compared to comparable mowers. I mow about 3 acres including a large patch of trees which is what drove me to a zero turn mower. The only issue I had is that one of the steering arm adjustment bolts worked loose after a few hours of use which I would consider normal break in stuff and I either got the mower with one lug nut missing or one worked loose. Everything about the mower seems well made and heavy duty. The only thing I would change is the seat. It could be better isolated from the mower to lessen vibration to the rider. This mower has made mowing fun! July 9, 2013
Great mower for large yards! I have had this mower for a few weeks now so I can't comment on the durability (only time will tell). However, the mower has performed beyond my expectations. I am not sure what people are talking about when they talk about it not having traction. I have a fairly steep septic hill and it cruises up and down that thing without issue even when slightly damp. My mower has a Briggs motor and not the Kohler, which is nice. It was easy to clean and it made cutting my 2 acres a quick and painless project each time. It handles like a dream. I bought it from a local Husqvarna dealer which specializes in just this brand. I highly recommend this. They leveled the deck for me, put oil in it, made sure everything worked properly and even put gas in it. Do not buy it from Lowes or Home Depot as you will not get the same service which is why I suspect some of these reviewers had issues. June 30, 2013
still lacks a little The mower is a good unit that has no problem with cutting heavey grass but it lacks a seat that fits to a persons bottom to keep them from slideing out its to small and the raer wheels are bad about spinning on wet or dry grass. June 19, 2013
husqvarna RZ5426 I bought a zero turn rz5426. Paid 3000 dollars. I thought I was buying a good quality machine. I was so wrong. It has a little over 4 hours on and been in the shop 3 times. First thing the blade bracket broke off and now the belt pulley has completely worn out. Checked the others there about to go to. June 11, 2013
Excellent Mid Grade ZTR! Competively Priced, Hard to Beat! The Husqvarna RZ5426 is a very well build Mid Grade consumer ZTR. The 26 HP Kohlor engine, with proper maintance should easily give years of dependable service and outlast the HydrGear EZT transmissions, and those are proven quality, long lasting consumer grade hydros. When I received my RZ5426, the first thing I did was replace the rear 18" tires with more aggressive and slightly wider 22" tires I bought new off eBay for $20.00 each, they were new Dyco TurfTracs at that. . This made a huge differance in the traction problem on hills as others have noted in other reviews. Plus I did get a noticeable increase in ground speed. The differance in torque wasn't even noticeable. I did also have to re- level the deck. Also installed the mulch kit, but used Oriogon Gater Blades instead of the included bladed. I got those blades off for $39.00. The 18500 FPS blade tip speed is on par with profession grade units. Bottom line I can buy two of the R5426 mowers for the price of one entry level consumer grade mower. And OEM Deck and engine parts are very easy and very cheap on A. Com. An example, a spindle for $29.00. Overall I love my new mower, despite I felt I needed to make the tires switch. This mower, along with mu Husqvarna BT150 backpack blower easily fulfills my 4.5 acre needs with FAST professional looking results. May 17, 2013
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