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AR19 (Honda) AR25 TA36 TA48






$ 2,999.95 $ 3,399.95 $ 1,299.95 $ 1,419.95
Engine manufacturer Honda Honda --
Engine name GX120 GX120 --
Engine type HX2 HX2 --
Power 3.5 hp 3.5 hp --
Cylinder displacement 119.6 cc 119.6 cc --
Cylinders 1 ---
Engine cooling Air ---
Air Filter type Dual Dual --
Fuel Type Gasoline ---
Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 0.53 gal. 0.66 gal. --
Engine lubrication type Splash ---
Oil capacity 20.2 fl oz 37.2 fl oz --
Drive system
Drive System V-belt, permalube chain V-belt, permalube chain Tow behind tractor (min. 16 HP) Tow behind tractor - minimum 16 HP
Speed forward, min-max 0-2.8 mph ---
Frame Construction Welded Steel Welded Steel Welded Steel Welded Steel
Powder coat paint yes yes yes yes
Foldable handlebar yes ---
Aerating width 19 inch 25.5 inch 36 inch 48 inch
Aerating depth 0-3 inch 0-3 inch 0-3 inch 0-3 inch
Aerating pattern 4.5x6.5 inch - 4.4x6 inch 4.4x6 inch
Working depth adjustment Knob ---
Number of tines 30 - 32 40
Detachable weights -- Optional - 5 water containers (5 gallon capacity each) Optional - 6 water containers (5 gallon capacity each)
Product size, LxWxH 57.5x29.75x51.5 inch - 56x46x37.5 inch 56x60x37.5 inch
Product size, LxWxH, folded handle 39.5x29.75x37 inch 33x38x28 inch --
Weight (less fuel/water containers) 288 lbs - 182 lbs 196 lbs
Productivity 0.57 acres/hr ---
Commercial Warranty 1 Year Limited ---