The Husqvarna 327LDx is a lightweight, high performance trimmer. The machine is equipped with Husqvarna's E-TECH® II engine with catalytic emission control, soft and comfortable handles. The 327LDx is a combination machine, developed for many different types of job. Several attachments are available as accessories.

24.5 cc, 1.2 hp, 11.24 lbs


$ 399.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

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  • Comfortable handle
  • Soft grip handles

Product reviews for 327LDx

HUSQVARNA 327LDx 4.7 5 18 18
Lightweight and easy to use I have to say I do like my trimmer, BUT, after it has run for a long period of time, the engine trys to cut out and it almost stalls and would stall if I didn't let up on the accelerator. When I say a long time, I mean about 20 minutes. It will not cur anything when it is doing this, so i have to let it sit for 15-20 min until it cools down and then back at it again until it acts up on me. May 30, 2011
great for home use..durable enough for tough jobs.. Seeing as I do 99% of the trimming this is a wonderful trimmer for women to use...tough enough for the thicker stuff--but easy to operate..would recommend to all out there that is looking for a top quality trimmer!!! May 28, 2011
New trimmer I bought the trimmer as a replacement because it was recommended by a sales person at Lowes, no pressure just a good explanantion of the features. The ease of operation, restringing, etc. was as good as the salesman said. May 25, 2011
HUSQVARNA 327LDx The Best Makes me wonder why I even thought a different brand would be okay...This is awesome...lightweight and gets the job done! May 25, 2011
Trimmer Great trimmer, good value! Starts right up, and does a great job trimming the lawn. May 15, 2011
My new Trimmer I wish I had bought this trimmer years ago. It has the ability to manage my 'jungle' with little effort. It is light weight, however very powerful. Thanks Husqvarna for building a tool such as this trimmer. May 11, 2011
Right Price/Right Product This is the 3rd or 4th trimmer I have purchased over the years and is truly the best. Easy to use, easy to start and most importantly, does the job. You will not be sorry if you purchase this product. May 9, 2011
A Real Work Horse I have four other trimmers hanging in my garage and they are all worthless compared to my new Husqvarna 327LDX. We have a ten acre property that demands good performance from a trimmer. The Husqvarna did not even hesitate as it ripped through thick swaths of three foot high Johnson grass. Even when the twine like dryed up straw material would wrap around the trimmer head the unwavering Husqvarna would not stall like every other trimmer before it--no, the mighty Husqvarna would idle patiently while I cleared the head. It is the first trimmer that has stood the challenge of our Texas property by running nonstop all the way through a tank of gas without stalling out. And yet as powerful as it is it is the quietest and lightest trimmer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It almost seems to float compared to its weighty predecessors. My neighbor on the next property over could tell something was up from a distance and came over to investagate--now he has a new Husqvarna trimmer hanging in his shed. My only regret is that I didn't get one of these wonderful trimmers ten years ago. Oh yea, I no longer dread replacing the string--the outstanding design of the cutting head makes restringing a literally a snap. Good job Husqvarna! May 5, 2011
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