25 cc, 1.07 hp, 11.24 lbs


$ 299.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 224L

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

  • No need for mixing gas with oil when refueling. 4-stroke engine runs on pure gasoline.

Product reviews for 224L

HUSQVARNA 224L 4.6 5 75 75
Quality purchase in a 224L Trimmer I wouold recommend this trimmer to all who have used trimmers which have short handles with the trimmer head whipping cuttings into your pant legs and up into your face. The 224L has a extra long handle with a larger protective shield which keeps debri at a safe and comfortable distance from your feet and legs. This does not mean you do not have to wear the proper protective glasses or even a full face shield if you have one, however, it does mean that your pant legs will not be inbedded with such massive amounts of debri and you can leave your hunting or riding chaps/leggins in the closet. And this powerful lightweight trimmer uses regular gas, so forget the mixing problems of the past. Just remember to put some "use no oil/gas mix" or "use regular gas" markings to ensure no mistake of what type of fuel to put into this little weed eater. A great extra and positive plus with yourpurchase of the the 224L is it just purrs when its zipping thru the yardwork. November 5, 2013
Probably my 5th trimmer over 40 years. I think I've had 4 other string trimmers of various brands in the past. All have had some strong and some weak points. In the month that I've had this trimmer, it has been used twice to finish up a large residential lot. The four-cycle engine is a real treat. I found it to be easy starting, relatively quiet, and much more effective on edging near hard surfaces (concrete walkways and asphalt streets) than its predecessors (which used smaller string sizes). I like the clutch mechanism which leaves the string stationary when not actually cutting. It's good-looking as well (and matches my Husqvarna riding mower). The "balance" feels a bit awkward to me when carrying it about because the carrying "handle" is too far from the center-of-gravity. But moving it closer makes its' use awkward in other ways. I think it will all feel more natural with time. September 18, 2013
224L I've had my trimmer for about a month and used quite a few times since. I found it to be a great trimmer, plenty of power, easy to handle, and the most quiet trimmer I've ever used. Overall a fine piece of equipment. September 9, 2013
Best Trimmer Iv'e ever used I have owned several brands of trimmers and this one beats them all. It does take some practice to get used to the power but once done you can cut just about anywhere and use a small amount of string. I have landscape walls all around my back yard. Edging around them was a nightmare. All other trimmers I have used wouldn't cut close without using several spools of string. The 224L has the power and using the larger and stronger string it is now almost effortless. August 11, 2013
Trimmer line problem Product does not work out of the box. Only one trimmer line lead was showing when I unpacked this thing. As others have noted, The quality control on the trimmer line head is completely absent. This is inexcusable. When I disassembled the head (with no help from the manual), I found that the trimmer line had been wound incorrectly at the factory. The MOST inexcusable element here is that the manual contains NO instructions on how to wind line on the head. None. Out of the box, the trimmer worked for about five feet, then the line stopped feeding. Using trial and error, I ate up another 30 feet of line. Finally found a somewhat useful video on YouTube that sort of showed how to wind the line. For the price, Husqvarna should at least provide clear diagrams and instructions on how to use this thing. Also, there is a little metal rod that is described in the parts list, but is never used. Not comforting. Having a big, powerful trimmer is nice, but not if it doesn't work. NOTE: After getting it to work, I find it useless for edging tasks. It is not ergonomically designed for this function and is too heavy and powerful to be controlled. There might be a plastic blade attachment that could work (it is obtusely referred to in a manual for a previous model in this line), but again, Husqvarna provides no information in the manual or online. So if you're planning to do edging with this, think again. July 3, 2013
Power to spare! The 4 stroke engine starts quickly and runs smoothly. No need to run at full throttle so operating noise is lower than my old 2 stroke. I love the clutch drive that allows the string head to stop spinning at idle. No regrets moving up to this quality trimmer. Very nice! June 27, 2013
Disappointed I purchased the 4 cycle trimmer because of the rating of the trimmer and the reputation of Husqvarna. I got it started on ethanol-free gas and trimmed some light grass next to the house. After 50 feet I realized that the string advance wasn't working and only one string showed. The instruction manual was useless regarding the string spool. There were some very small pictures in the back but no indication to show which set applied to my trimmer. I finally got the cover separated and one side promptly unraveled. The other side was wound criss-crossed and was stuck on the spool (out of the box from the factory). Five minutes of use and an inoperable machine. I took it to Lowes to find someone who could help me rewind the spool. The salesman was nice but hadn't a clue. I returned the used machine and Lowes kindly refunded my money. A smooth running, easy starting, well balanced trimmer means nothing if it won't work. I would recommend that 1) Husqvarna invest in quality inspection to insure that the product was capable of doing what it was designed and sold to do, and 2) provide a well-written, easy to understand owner's manual. I have never seen one as poorly written. Many of the heading words were missing letters. I would expect that in the English section there would be a section on the string spool and how to wind it. After all, that's the most important part. June 22, 2013
Very satisfied 2+ months occasional use (once a week or so). Very easy to start. Plenty of power -- when the string is extended fully. Can, in fact, be hard on lower shins (throwing debris in that direction). Larger guard would be helpful. Easy to extend string while running (tap head). String frequently breaks against rough surface (concrete, brick, stone). Uses a goodly amount of string -- not too bad, not too good. Balance (straight shaft) might get somewhat bothersome for over 6+' operators after extended use (hr+), but lightweight and very easy to manipulate overall. Recommended no-ethanol gas -- very much enjoy not having to mix a la 2 stroke. Not suited for turning on side (eg, edging) as quickly begins to emit oily/smoky exhaust. Doesn't work quite as well with low gas as full/close-to-full tank. Tends to leak fluids if not stored upright properly. Have no real info on durability. Bought refurbished/reduced price, consider excellent value. Very satisfied, would buy again without reservation. June 12, 2013
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