Lightweight multi purpose trimmer, perfect for homeowners. Easy starting with Smart Start® recoil system and fuel pump. Strong, braided wire cable drive. Comes with easy loading T25 semi automatic trimmer head.

28 cc, 0 hp, 11.11 lbs


$ 219.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 128LD

  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

  • Tooless coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage.

  • Multi-purpose machine with several attachments available as accessories.

Product reviews for 128LD

HUSQVARNA 128LD 4.3 5 286 286
Great right out of the box I bought this for use around my hobby farm to trim along fences and buildings. It came out of the box, assembled easily and started without any difficulty. I have a low tolerance for hard starting motors and this one didn't challenge me at all - very nice surprise. The unit powers through long grass without difficulty. I like the double string design better than my last single string trimmer. Filled with gas this baby has some weight to it. After an hour of trimming my hands and forearms were shaking a little. A great trimmer at a great price. I would recommend it to anyone with similar needs. August 6, 2011
Excellent tool! Easy to start and does so on the first pull. Good on gas. August 5, 2011
Great working tool!! I have always purchased the least expensive trimmer whether it was electric or gas powered. I recently replaced my Troy Bilt 4 stroke trimmer after only 2 years of use for my home lawn. I have dfound I should have spent a little extra dough and bought the "Husky". This tool has already shown me that having a better power source( 2 stroke) makes the jobs that much easier. This tool also is much more versatile and more comfortable to operate whether edging the sidewalk or clearing out troublesome areas( i have a creek behind my house on a steep decline). I have many attachments from Troy Bilt that the "Husky" accepts and actually works better than its own manufacturer. I feel this tool is more powerful and make the work more effieciently accomplished. August 4, 2011
My Husqvarna This trimmer is very easy to start and does so on the first pull. It is also light enough that my wife can carry around and manuever without any difficulty as we have two and use for hours. It also is very powerful and does not bog down. Just purchased a saw blade and it was very easy to change the attachments. We love this product. August 4, 2011
This Product is easy to Start Just a few pumps of the gas primer and a way you go... Seems easier to control, with less vibration then other trimmers I had in the past... August 3, 2011
Great Trimmer Love this machine! Starts the same amount of pulls everytime and hasn't failed me yet. Use it on a few lawns a week and is very good on gas. August 1, 2011
HUSKY 128LD To date this machine has been able to cut faster and larger weeds than any past machine ever owned. For the really hard work it has received fuel consumption has been outstanding. The .095 line actually lasts much longer than anticipated and is not really difficult to reload. Would recommend that line reels become avail as a stand alone replacement so that a full spare would be avail at refuel time. Wish I had known about this unit about four trimmers ago. THANKS July 31, 2011
First Husky Of all the trimmers I've owned,this is by far the quietest.Was using a four-stroke,which wasn't real loud, but sure was heavy.The Husky is nice and light,but not in a cheap way. Runs good at any angle.Gave the ratings I did because I haven't owned it long enough to give a thorough assessment.Used to own a small farm with about an acre of yard and a quarter-mile of miscellaneous;I know how to wear a trimmer out. Overall, this trimmer looks to be a good one. July 30, 2011
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