Lightweight trimmer that is perfect for homeowners looking for the ergonomic features unique to a straight shaft. Easy starting with air purge and Smart Start® recoil assist. Strong, braided wire cable drive. Comes with easy loading T25 bump trimmer head. Handle adjustment can be completed without tools.

28 cc, 1.1 hp, 10.6 lbs


$ 199.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 128L

  • Bevel gear designed with high torque and the cutting equipment parallell to the ground for best cutting performance

  • Twin line cutting system with Tap 'n Go for quick line feed.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

More features

  • Comfortable handle

Product reviews for 128L

HUSQVARNA 128L 4.5 5 247 247
Works as I expected Great unit for the price. The longer shaft is nice for taller people. Easy starting. October 8, 2013
This product is very good Bought the Husqvarna 128LD because my other weed eater finally gave up the ghost. We went to Lowe's and I spent about an hour looking at all the trimmers they had. I choose this one because I can get attachments and it had a 28cc motor. It ran great right out of the box. I did purchase the pre mixed fuel to get the 4 yr warranty. So far the only complaint I have is the power. It just seems that it does bog down a some when it starts to cut. Other than that I would recommend this trimmer to anyone. August 20, 2013
pull cord will not retract I bought this one year ago and it is broken already. The trimmer would not run without the choke on half way and would not stay running. After using this trimmer 8 times in the last year the pull cord will not retract any more. I took it apart and put the retraction spring back into place and it retracted twice before it stopped working again. Also the carb mixture adjustment screws need a special tool not included. Even if I fix it with new parts it is just going to break again anyway so why bother. This used to be a good brand 15 years ago but since the big box got ahold of it it is junk. I bought a new trimmer from a dealer supported manufacturer which I can't mention due to auto correct but it rhymes with steal. It is also to short and I am hunched over while operating it I am average sized. August 5, 2013
Excellent Product Easy to use, powerful, cuts clean, it is a pleasure to use and not tiring on my arms like my old trimmer. I would recommend this trimmer. Light weight and easy to maneuver and no vibration. July 24, 2013
Fantastic Trimmer for a great price! I have a lawncare company and I have 2 of these trimmers and they are used commercially, I have owned the trimmers for 6ish years and I have replaced a carburetor, recoil, and bump head between the two trimmers...not bad for 6 years of commercial use. Parts are very reasonable for pricing. I love these trimmers, I want to get a new commercial grade trimmer, but I have no reason to when these are running so well yet. The only complaint I have is they are becoming hard to start, but given the use they go through I can't complain. I would recommend one of these trimmers to anyone looking for a nice priced trimmer that is lightweight and easy to use. July 22, 2013
128L Good trimmer, but cumbersome. It will wear you out. Should be packaged with a shoulder strap. July 22, 2013
Best yet Quiet powerful easy to start just a few of the great things about this trimmer June 15, 2013
Clodhopper I purchased a model 128LD trimmer based on a couple years of very good service with a 125L trimmer. While the 128 works as nicely as the 125 it has been no where near as reliable; the recoil start can best be described as frail and the fuel system has been very problematic. In regards to the starter; the "Smart Start" has an extra spring in the system as compared to the usual; in my case the spring's ends eventually worked their way out of the plastic bosses they engage, jamming the starter. I could re-engage the spring but it would work for fewer starts as the plastic became more damaged. I see other reviewer's have had similar troubles; perhaps Husqvarna had a bad batch of parts at some point? (Otherwise; it's just a poorly executed design) On the plus side; the replacement starter assembly is reasonably priced. I have one on order; but for me, it's a long way to go to a service center so I've temporarily repaired the unit myself by discarding the spring and replacing it with a roll pin. In regards to the fuel system; the trimmer ran well for only a couple of weeks when it then started to behave erratically as if it was having fuel starvation problems. It would need partial choke to run at times; at other times it could run a whole tank of fuel with no trouble. Since the problem was obvious I eventually took the carburetor apart expecting to find damage to the fuel pump; I was shocked to find the pump packed full of fine debris to the point that the pump's valves could not function properly. (Out on the "farm" I can't always access perfectly filtered fuel) I immediately became suspicious of the "clunk" filter inside the fuel tank; I thought it might be damaged in some manner. I was quite surprised to find that the "clunk" wasn't even attached to the fuel line; it makes me wonder if it was ever hooked up or just fell off early on. Upon fishing the "clunk" out of the tank I found it to be in pristine condition as if it had never been used! At any rate, since re-installing the "clunk" the trimmer has run fine! June 2, 2013
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