Compact and high-performing single stage snow thrower for drive ways and paths. Very easy to maneuver and an innovative remote chute rotator facilitates the direction of the snow. Strong SnowKing engine with electric start and a working width of 21 inches. Efficient LED lighting enables work in early mornings and late nights.

LCT, Auger, Single-stage, 21 inch


$ 649.95

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Features for ST 121E

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for ST 121E

HUSQVARNA ST121E 3.9 5 17 17
awesome machine This is the first year with my Husky! After several use of other machines, Yard Machine, Toro and Craftsman to name a few. This Husky by far performers above and beyond all of them. The LED lights are hit and miss as far as actually working and during the removal of 6+ inches of snow you do have to constantly tighten down the quick tight frame, but when it come to performance this machine is top notch!!! No clogs in the discharge shut and I just removed 10+ inches and had no bog down from the engine. I use this machine at an apartment complex and clear a mile of sidewalks per use and the Husky starts up by the 2nd pull every time and runs like a champ!!! In my years of snow removal, 11 years for a landscape company and 6 years in the property management business, this is without a doubt the most reliable machine I have ever used. Great machine!!!! January 6, 2014
not so good I just purchased this snow thrower yesterday and I must say I am not so happy with it. I have had 3 heart attacks and this thing is a bear to push!!! Both lights do not work and it seems to be set to close to the ground and just tear things up. On the plus side it is light weight and easy to start and the handles fold down. I guess I am stuck with the unit till I can buy a different blower. I have a husky tractor which is a great unit, I just wish they would of put some thought into the design of a single stage such as one that is self propelled. Don January 4, 2014
Was excited not so much now So after reading the reviews watching videos and shopping for the best price.I bought the ST121E I cant wait to sell it now. The best thing I can say is this machine is incredible when it comes to not using gas! Thats the good. The not so good. First time I used it the left hand side light died! The machine has no power basicly if you have more than 2-3 inches you are not going to be happy. The left side handle that allows it to fold keeps unlocking and dropping the handle off of its peg. The machine threw a belt and I figured hey just a fluke. Put it back on and it threw it agin! After close exam it looks like the tension pulley does not line up with the rest of the pulleys(see picture) ? I bought a new belt from an autoparts store measured the lenght (dealer did not have one) and continued to use. Egronomics ! My hands hurt so bad from using this thing I needed a heating pad after this last storm. I am plumber, I work with my hands evey day! this thing has such a small push bar that you make a fist to hold it push it shove it. The handle is not wide so you basicly squeeze your sholders together to work with the thing and I had to push with my left foort all day so now thats sore to. Turn it off 2 mins! like tie your shoe time and try to start it? Needs to be choked? Every time regardles Odd? Handle to start hangs out of the holder and gets caught if you work close to anything like a fence I mean constanly! I did get a deal paid 495.00 but very sorry I did. It will be on craigslist as soon as winter is over none arond hear to buy right now or I would loose this thing now. Save your sanity buy anything other than this one. On a side note my father inlaw bought an 1800.00 Husq and his machine is amazing no issues. get what you pay for I guess- I wish it was everything it was supposed to be . The one light that works is very bright and helpful. February 11, 2013
terrific piece of equipment. Started right up each time I used it. plenty of power to handle the wet snow and the headlights were a nice feature when doing it at 6:30 in the morning and its dark. February 2, 2013
ST121E for driveway and sidewalks! I have never used a snow thrower before this one so keep that in mind. I am 53 years old, fair physical shape with some back problems. We live in a rental with a fairly large two lane driveway. It is on a corner lot so have two sidewalks, walkway to house in front and back to keep clear of snow. The sidewalks and driveway are in great shape and smooth for the most part. The ST121E was light enough to load in the back of a pickup by one person. After getting it home, reading the manual, and putting in fuel and oil, it started with one pull. I primed it 2 times like the manual said to do. I was impressed. The snow I was going to throw was packed down by the car on the driveway. Under that was ice. Not an easy job for a shovel. I pushed the thrower and it felt awkward at first. It took a few minutes to get the feel of it. Basically, it is like using a shovel BUT the snow and such are being grabbed up and tossed out the chute on top. There is some physical stress involved but NOTHING like the shovel method. The thrower made a clean pass. It got down to the concrete in one pass. It took a bit of pushing because this snow was not fresh. It was compacted. It worked great. I have not used the electric start yet so I can't say much about that. The chute is awesome as you can just adjust it where you want it while you are behind the blower. I did not think the grab bar (that makes it go) was hard on my hands and I do have mild arthritis. Overall, this machine does exactly what it claims to do. I think it is a 5 star machine. Great for anyone but especially those that may not be in the best physical condition like me. It was assembled when I got it. It's about as loud as a lawn mower, I'd say. December 28, 2012
Good snowthrowing but with quick belt wear when busy I bought the ST 121E to compare to my work partner's Toro and Honda single-stage machines' snow removal capabilities. These were used for large estate home snow removal contracts (each estate had several large concrete driveway areas, sidewalks and some stamped concrete patios and walkways). We needed clean removal, non damaging, durable and fast, good for deeper snow and all day usage. Here is how my Husky ST 121E performed: It started easily. During initial break-in period it was not too easy to push over slightly rough surface of stamped concrete but it was much better after a little break-in wear. It was good from the start on good smooth flat concrete, but there was and still is a problem of getting jolted on the sidewalk expansion joints because of the scraper bar. The auger blades pick up snow cleanly and snow throwing distance is great. The chute aiming handle is great. The ST 121E is easy enough to start every time with only a few pulls. Sometimes I needed to use choke when it only cooled a short time. It was light weight enough to load in pickup truck by myself, The handle was taller than the pickup with topper so the quick takedown handle was great. I cleared snow at 5 to 6 estates about 4 times, and cleared snow at 12 other homes during and after several storms in January and February for a total of around 40 uses. Another crew person preferred it over a two-stage machine I was also using. Some snow was only 2" and some was over a foot deep, ranging from powdery to dense packed to crusty to slushy. The performance of the ST 121E was overall very good to excellent in all situations. As for durability, the lights were at first great but soon did not remain on when operating and sometimes one was off then the other, or both off. The ST 121 E auger blades wore down faster compared to my partner's Toro, which he used more than his Honda. Maybe it is because the ST 121 E also cleaned off the snow better it also wore down the blades faster. But the auger blades wore down on the edges and exposed the metal on the shaft ends to wear. The blades have to be replaced; the scraper bar is not yet worn down. I think the design is a little flawed here because the middle of the auger blades wore down too but still have the ability to pick up snow cleanly. The ends of the auger blades get more wear because they work harder to propel the machine than the middle of the blades. When the metal shaft ends spin in normal use they define too large a diameter of circle to be protected from scraping the ground once the auger blades wear down as they did. The metal ends, when rotating, stick out beyond the bottom of the curved housing. This exposed metal can damage expensive colored stamped concrete sufaces at the estate homes that the snowthrower was used at. I would hope that the auger blade shaft ends could be shortened so that this won't happen due to short blade life. The metal is also not a hardened steel so the shaft ends can bend. The blade housing can also bend. The last problem was a horzontal crack across the back of the plenum in a location where the snow is propelled upward through the chute. It may have been caused by jolting and because of frozen cold plastic not being too durable when jolted. Or it could have cracked when a rock or another object was picked up and struck the plastic surface of the back face of the plenum and cracked it. It could have cracked when the machine was dropped a short distance on snow covered ground by a crew member during lifting. While this ST 121E was used more in a snow removal business rather than a homeowner setting, it shows great promise for the homeowner. It has excellent power, snowthrowing performance and two nice features - lights and chute lever. February 6, 2012
This product rocks! I live in Denver CO, we just got 14 inches of snow and this snow blower just cut thru it like it wasn't there. There is plenty of power. Easy to maneuver the unit and the chute for throwing the snow. This snow blower is worth its weight in GOLD!!!!!!!!! I love it February 3, 2012
cool features I purchased the snowblower hoping to use it right away and it didn't snow for close to 30 days after purchase, I like the fact of no more mixing oil and fuel any more, easy pull start and the lights lit up for great visability for night use. Great power and performance. I looked on the internet at several other snowblowers and also went from store to store and physically touching each one, there were no questions about purchasing this unit once it touched it. Also the location I purchased it is a authorized service location, so no sending in for repairs. I would recommend this product to others, you won't be disapointed. Let it snow , let it snow....John , Des Moines, Ia. December 11, 2011
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