Compact and high-performing single stage snow thrower for drive ways and paths. Very easy to maneuver and an innovative remote chute rotator facilitates the direction of the snow. Strong SnowKing engine with electric start and a working width of 21 inches. Efficient LED lighting enables work in early mornings and late nights.

LCT, Auger, Single-stage, 21 inch


$ 649.95

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Features for ST 121E

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for ST 121E

HUSQVARNA ST121E 3.9 5 17 17
Powerful, easy to use snow blower Purchased this snow blower on sale and I really like this blower. The blower is easy to use. It starts pretty easily and the thrower is power. Compare to my neighbor's single stage Toro blower, this blower can throw snow farther than the Toro. I love the neon lights on the blower for night time use. The lights is really bright. My only complaint is that the blower wasn't that easy to assemble. It took me about 30 to 40 minutes to assemble. In addition, this blower is bigger and heavier than other blowers from other brands. April 2, 2014
Good Machine But... I have own many different types of single stages throwers and by far this one has been the easiest one to start. Throwing distance is great and it is powerful enough to move 8-10" of light snow 5-6" of the heavier stuff. I agree with other that it is a little difficult to push around, but it is a single stage. Quality - Now this is where I am really disappointed. Like others lights have gone out and I am really tired of the quick release handle adjusters coming undone. I cannot tell you how many nuts & bolts have became loose and/or fallen out and lost. I feel like every time I turn it off I need to go around tighten things up. This is very disappointing, I would really think that many different testing would have been performed to prove many of these issues out before sending it out to the public to purchase..... I hope this was not a rush to market product, I hope Husqvarna would use DFMEA's & DVP&R's to make a quality product. Overall am I happy with the performance yes, happy with quality not so much, would I recommend it to others yes, but within a certain age range. March 11, 2014
A Waste of Money; Design Defect Easy to start, excellent snow throwing, but impossible to push forward. It is completely useless on anything but absolutely hard flat surfaces. The auger does not drive the machine. It is a poor design. Husqvarna knows this as they have issued several bulletins to dealers about how to fix it. The fixes do not work and they will not take the machine back. It is a completely useless design. I owned a Snapper for 20 years and I should have bought another one. I spent $684.70 for a useless piece of equipment that the manufacturer acknowledges has a design defect, but they refuse to take it back and refund my money. I will tell everyone I know about this fraud on the consumer by Husqvarna. Shame on you Husqvarna ! Step up and own your mistakes. March 7, 2014
Good machine I had a John Deere that I replaced with this machine. The St 121 is harder to push Than my Deere. This machine is powerful it moves the snow. The left light went out with the second use. The machine starts easy. Satisfied with it, but for the price you'd think it would be better. February 10, 2014
It looks great but very hard to push This baby is sleek and looks like a quality machine. I had a little trouble starting it but, I did not let that get me down. There was about three inches of fresh snow on the ground and I expected to walk through it with ease. Well what a surprise three different men tried to push this machine through the snow and each one of us had to put all our weight into it and actually lift the back wheels off the ground. I must say once we did that it cleared right to the ground but, we were all exhausted after a few pushes. Also the handle keeps on coming off. Reading other reviews it looks like this has been happening for some time now and you would think they would have fixed the problem by now. I wish I saw these reviews prior to purchase and I could of saved $738.58. February 10, 2014
ergo problems There is plenty of power in this thrower, the ergonomics seem to be a little off. When you have to push harder (deeper snow), you tend to lift the wheels off the ground making the front dig in harder. This makes it that much harder to push. Either a relocation of the wheels (forward) or a different handle configuration would help. February 4, 2014
Unbelievable Snow Blower Returned my Toro snow blower after a week and bought this one. The best decision I made. The Toro couldn't make it down the driveway before puttering if the snow was too high. I live in Michigan and we have had one of the worst winters I can remember and these bad boy worked wonders. I was deciding with this blower and a two stage - decided with this one and couldn't be happier. My friend is buying this blower this week after he tried mine. Highly recommended - hopefully it holds up well after years fo use. February 3, 2014
kicks butt- mine and the snow this machine will remove very deep snow, but it does not self propel forward at all. you have to push it for the most part most of the time. if you are used to a machine like toro or ariens that help go when you tilt forward, this is not the machine for you0- eats snow like a monster, but you will be worn out when you are done January 6, 2014
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