The Husqvarna Performance series snow throwers were developed with homeowners in mind who live in areas with moderate to heavy annual snowfall accumulation. With a heavy-duty auger housing and an aggressively serrated auger, you are ready for any storm mother nature delivers. Premium engines, precision controls and features focused on comfortable operation eliminate concerns about adverse weather conditions. Levers on the control panel adjust the direction and pitch of the snow discharge chute.

LCT, Chain drive, Two-stage, 30 inch


$ 1,249.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 1830HV

  • Convenient trigger control power steering allows superior maneuverability in adverse conditions.

  • Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for 1830HV

HUSQVARNA 1830HV 3.8 5 17 17
So far so good Haven't had a lot of snow so far this winter yet but it did work well when using it. Just wish it was a little easier to get it in a low speed. Threw show a long ways witch is helpful because i share part of the driveway with a neighbor and need to clear it out between the houses. January 28, 2013
This snow thrower is a beast I upgraded from a Toro that came over on the Mayflower. It weighed more than my car. It took 62 & 1/2 pulls each and every time I tried to start it. NOW... picture this awesome beast. It is so easy. It is so fun. I only wish I had bought one sooner to make life that much simpler. You cant find fault with any of it. And for those on the fence...pull out the credit card and get it already! You wont regret it. December 16, 2012
No snow yet but anxious to try it out. I had a 30" snowblower that was 15 years old. It did the job but I wanted to upgrade. Saw the snowblower at our local hardware store and liked the features. Already added the Husqvarna canopy and have the front weight on order. I had a little problem but fixed it myself. The nut on the bottom of the fuel tank (at the fuel shutoff valve) was not tight and fuel leaked out. I took the cover off and tightened the nut and problem solved. I will let you know how I like it if we get some snow in Iowa. December 14, 2012
1830 great product i like the power it offers to move heavy snow falls. November 7, 2012
Husqvarna's like snow I think... I only got to use it a couple of times this year and it replaced a track blower but one not as wide/deep. I used it in a 30" + snow fall and it ate up the snow no problem. I wish for as much as it cost that it had the hand warming grips and it doesn't appear you can add them even though I see the wiring I think. I couldn't find the parts from Husqvarna or another supplier...kind of a bummer as I'd buy them. I also missed the track drive a bit as it also had a weight shifting feature that pushed the nose into a drift...the Husqvarna needs a bit of 'handling' to keep it digging and not wanting to ride up, even with deep but not impacted snow...overall though I like it and hope it gives me years of a good experience. April 27, 2012
great for its value easy to start. manuver very easy has no problem throwing snow January 15, 2012
Powerful machine I have owned a 3.5 hp Craftsman, an 8 hp Ariens and a 10 hp Troybuilt that lasted 17 years. This is the most powerful blower I've used and that means it takes more strength to use it than with other blowers. Where I live I sometimes have to clear several feet of snow from the driveway to get to work and this is a reliable monster for that job. The trick is to find the slowest forward speed - in my case a little bit toward the reverse position on the speed lever - and get used to the controls. I could not work the speed lever while in motion. I could only change the chute position. The handle levers that allow you to make sharp turns take some getting used to but will come in handy. It throws 4 inches of heavy snow 30 – 40 feet. One aggravation - it had an oily spot under it after the first use. The oil level was fine and Husqvarna tech. support said that they put extra grease on it prior to shipping. That was what made the spot. You DO NOT expect to see an oil/grease puddle under a new machine. December 23, 2011
A well designed snowblower I like the features that make life easier when working behind this machine. Easy to steer with the steering clutches operated by finger touch. Also nice to be able to direct the direction of the blower easily without stopping. I havn't tried this in all kinds of conditions yet, but even though the tires are aggressive lugged it spun out easily in slush. I didn't have chains on so that may have altered the performance. I also like the engine..looks like it is designed for this kind of work and powerful. December 20, 2011
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