The Husqvarna Performance series snow throwers were developed with homeowners in mind who live in areas with moderate to heavy annual snowfall accumulation. With a heavy-duty auger housing and an aggressively serrated auger, you are ready for any storm mother nature delivers. Premium engines, precision controls and features focused on comfortable operation eliminate concerns about adverse weather conditions. Levers on the control panel adjust the direction and pitch of the snow discharge chute.

LCT, Chain drive, Two-stage, 30 inch


$ 1,249.95

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Features for 1830HV

  • Convenient trigger control power steering allows superior maneuverability in adverse conditions.

  • Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for 1830HV

HUSQVARNA 1830HV 3.8 5 17 17
Not impressed I wanted a 30" blower to replace my 15 year old toro. Decided on Huskqvarna as they have a very solid reputation. 1st off the drift cutter bolts fell off as they have one wimpy thumb nut. 2nd the machine will not move in slow speed, works fine on higher speeds but with a 12" snow it goes way too fast to handle it. When put in slow speed it will not move. I purchased this machine from Lowes, they have no service center and recemmonded me to a dealer which I prefer not to do business with. So I'm stuck trying to fix this myself. $1300.00 snowblower that I have to work on after 3 months of use. VERY disappointed in this machine. April 1, 2014
First month of ownership Overall pleased with this snow blower after using it for one month. Its performance is better than other snow blowers I have owned in the past. This machine will handle powered snow with ease and throws it a great distance. It is not as good in heavy or wet snow only throwing it a distance of 5-15 feet. I have also found that it tends to want to ride over the top of deeper or wet/heavy snow which requires having to back up and hit it again. The chute tool could benefit by having a brush on the opposite end of the scraper. It starts on the first pull each time regardless temperature. Construction of this unit appears to be above average. The LED headlight is spectacular! Controls are well designed. The heated handles are not necessary but provide a nice addition. March 20, 2014
Snow King I bought this blower in Dec 2013. It handles differently than my old Toro. Just had 8 inches of wet heavy snow. It cleared it with no problem...plenty of power. I noticed that it seems to pull to the left even when the steering levers are not engaged. Also it is virtually impossible to engage the steering levers when moving and blowing snow. You need to stop moving and then engage the levers rendering the steering levers useless while in motion which requires a lot of man handling. Has anyone else experienced this problem? February 16, 2014
First husqvarna After 2 snow falls I find the 1830 HV to be very powerful and easy machine to operate. I'm very happy with this purchase. January 22, 2014
Big Disappointment Husqvarna should just stick to chainsaws. This is my 3rd winter with this blower. I purchased it after my old Toro threw a rod after 15 years. This happened while clearing snow, so I had to go out and buy a new one. Unfortunately, this is what I ended up with. I trusted the name. That was a mistake. I find the handles difficult to manage. One has to press the lever in to make a change. I find I have to pound it in to do this. The speed control is only vaguely correct according to the label on it. Actually, the slowest forward speed is below the reverse indicator (it's that far off). Also the spaces between speeds is so small, I'm frequently putting it in the wrong speed. Husqvarna uses PLASTIC parts, which of course become brittle in the cold. One such part is the base of the chute. Yup, it broke from a stone or something. Now, this year the pivot point for the chute broke (also plastic). So, I can't swivel the chute until I get that fixed. But it's not just the cheap plastic parts. My electric starter works terribly. The majority of the times that I press the starter button, the starter whines without engaging the gear to the flywheel. I'm stuck with this junk machine and hating every minute of it. January 22, 2014
1830hv I purchased this item on 10/12/2009. I own other husqvarna product, which have performed rather well. I owned a yardman snow blower for several years. After moving to upstate NY, I wanted a back-up, because of the hard winters. I was use to my yardman controls, so it took a while to get use to the new controls, because they were basically reversed. The first major problem was it was too light on the front end. I had to pull up on the handles too prevent it from riding over the snow top. The body is very flimsy and cheap feeling, which is probably why it’s so light. I only used it about 6 times over 3 a year period because it was such a pain to use. I keep it stored in side and out of the sun. After the first year the tires started showing cracking. I kept it in storage the following winter, and didn’t use it at all. The following season, the tires were showing major damage and started leaking air. I put some green tire slim in tires, and they started leaking slim out of the cracks. The tires are Americana polar pro. This year I ended up putting a tube in the tire, because it kept on leaking slim, and going flat. Remind you this snow blower has always been stored inside. My yardman is over 30 years old, and still running strong, with very little parts replacement. Husqvarna, I love your products, but this snow blower is a big disappointment! November 5, 2013
Good Buy Purchased this snow blower at Lowes day after snow storm Nemo. Worked great clearing 2.5 feet of snow. Has power to throw snow a good distance. Even the heavy stuff at end of driveway. Would highly recommend. February 17, 2013
Great product Connecticut just experienced the worst snow storm since 1978. Blizzard Nemo struck and we had 3 feet of snow on the ground. We scrambled to find a supplier open who had any kind of snow removal equipment. We found our local Agway had snow throwers in stock. We went there loaded this into the truck and off we went to clear a path around the house so we could remove the snow from the roof. What a pleasure to operate. Its worth the money and I did not need all the creature features. February 11, 2013
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