Husqvarna two stage snow throwers are innovative, powerful and include more standard features than comparably priced competitive units. The 12527E features power steering, powerful SnowKing engine and a standard LED headlight for greater visibility in less than favorable conditions.

LCT, Chain drive, Two-stage, 27 inch


$ 1,049.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 12527HV

  • Convenient trigger control power steering allows superior maneuverability in adverse conditions.

  • Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for 12527HV

HUSQVARNA 12527HV 3.3 5 20 20
Good Thrower for the money Bought this thrower in September 2013, and did not have to use it until this past week (2/13/14 and 2/14/14). Took a while to get used to it, but the thrower seems to do a pretty good job of removing the snow, and it throws it a pretty good distance (about 25- 30 ft.) Two things that I think could use improving are the fact that you have to be mindful not to get the drivetrain under the mower wet, as it will lose it's self-propel ability until it dries out. Don't know why, but it happens. Also, it seems that the thrower is able to travel much faster than the auger can gobble up the snow in a lot of situations, but you just have to get used to the speed control, and learn to use the thrower within it's limits. All things considered, it is a great value for the money, I cleared 16 houses in about 10 hours of use (21 inches of snow). Sure is a back saver! I have attached a link to the video I created while digging my truck out. February 23, 2014
First and Last Husqvarna I'll Ever Buy I bought this unit 2 years ago for the name and the supposed quality that comes with it. I have had nothing but problems with this machine. The worst problem is that it throws the drive belt every single time I use it. To get the belt back on requires separation of the auger unit from the main/engine portion of the snowblower which takes 2 people. Other issues I've had: pull starter mechanism broken, discharge chute deflector cable frozen resulting in broken cable/lever assembly, broken lever/cable for right side wheel brake, plastic belt cover split around bolt holes (due to it being plastic and I have to take it off every use to fix drive belt#. All of these things broke in the 1st season of use and there were only 3 times in total that I needed it that year. I have never been so disappointed in a product that I paid so much for #$1200) from what I had heard was a quality manufacturer. I guess those days are over. Lowest bidder and cheapest supplier wins these days. So sad. I will never buy another Husqvarna in my lifetime. Hope you all have better luck if you go this route. February 7, 2014
A few fall backs This blower handles tall drifts and clears 1" of snow well. Has good power. The bad parts are the clutch drive tends to slip after a while and you need to take the back plastic cover off and clean and wipe the oil off the clutch plate. The other problem is the blower and drive activation handles are to wide for the hands the thumbs get vary fatigued after a while. The reverse speed could be a little faster. The gear speed selector could work a little easier also. It is faster and less effort than shoveling and is much easier than using a single stag blower. Would I buy this make or model again? Probably not unless they would redesign it and make the changes I mentioned. February 1, 2014
First time disappointed by Husqvarna Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Husqy equipment and a big advocate. I have a Husqy backpack leaf blower, brush cutter, and chainsaw and have been very impressed so far. I bought the 12527HV this past fall and have now used it a number of times in a number of snow conditions. It absolutely starts well, has a ton of power, throws very far and is pretty easy to use. The main thing that drives me crazy, is that I have to do the driveway twice, even with only 4-6" of snow and at a slow pace (another problem by the way is that it goes from incredibly slow, to a walking pace, and then faster with no speeds in between the first two). It seems that the auger rpm is sub optimal and it ends up plowing snow off to the sides because it doesn't take it in fast enough. This was terribly disappointing (and no, my augers are not on backwards). Additionally, I am just not happy with the quality that I'm seeing overall. Already I have had the auger lever get stuck in the engaged position for an entire job. Other times, right in the middle of a straight pass it will slow to a stop and then slowly come back up to speed (no change in motor rpm). I haven't taken a look under it yet, but clearly there is already slippage going one. I'm sure it may just need a tune up after it's first year's use, but I was hoping for something more rugged. This new Husqy is replacing my old Ariens from 1969. The drive train lasted 45 years with plenty to go! Given the clunky feeling of the Husqy, I really can't see getting the same life. I admit that time will tell and for now, it is working fine, but I expected much better from a new machine. It also starts hard if it's been running for a while and is super loud. Oh yeah, and what's with bailing on Honda engines Husqy??? I don't spend the money on your brand, just to see you cost reducing! January 22, 2014
tons of power Very power full. starts very easily. hand controls could be easier to use. January 19, 2014
Missing Parts, Loose Knobs, Poor Quality Control My wife and her family have been long time users of Husqvarna sewing machines so I decided to try the product out. I was looking for a durable and reliable machine that could dig me out of storms without a problem. I settled for the 12527HVX (Lowes) based on the price and the features. So far I have had a string of issues (8 or so uses later) - 1) Missing pieces that attaches the rubber part of the chute. 2) One of my handle knobs fell off (my fault probably) 3) Missing/loose engine screw that fell into the belt housing causing my auger belt to fail. Thus far, the customer service is as expected. They wanted to me bring the machine back to an authorized dealer (didn't offer for pick up) to have the machine evaluated (deposit needed). I didn't want to haul my machine in for obvious reasons so I talked to Chris at my local Husqvarna Dealer and he was great. I eventually decided to have them order the missing screws and a new belt so I could do the work myself. January 11, 2014
Jury Still Out I live on the North Shore of Boston and I’ve used my new blower on two occasions; one heavy wet snow and the other 2 feet of light fluffy snow. It worked great in both circumstances clearing snow. Here are what I see as draw backs: • To properly throw snow in both these conditions I had to move at a snail’s pace or snow would over flow the front of the blower (my old machine had no problem in like conditions). • My machine has steering assist levers. I have average size hands and I find it difficult to engage the auger and the wheel drive and then the steering. I may need to give it a little time to get use to this function. • The shift lever is not graduated so you have to guess what speed you’re in. My old machine had “notches” the shifter you moved through so you knew exactly what to expect as far as your speed is concerned. Again this may improve as I gain more experience. • You have to push down firmly on the speed shift to change speeds. This makes “changing gears” a chore. I like the shoot control up and down as well as side to side. It performed well in the heavy wet stuff and the light fluffy stuff it threw a country mile. It work OK in the end-of-the-driveway compacted stuff. Like I said the jury is still out as far as my feeling regarding this machine January 6, 2014
Rock Solid Thrower I've had this three seasons now, and it's just a workhorse. Typically, it just starts with a pull of the recoil, but I like having the electric starter for the first of the season start or it's been a while since it was last run. I get around 200" of snow a season at my home, and if this doesn't work, I'm not getting off the property as my driveway climbs a hill. Last year we had one event of 10" the wettest snow I've ever seen. The snow so extremely heavy that I had to run it in lowest forward speed - parts of my driveway are over 30' wide, so I was throwing the snow to the side, then throwing "that" snow too. The thrower's engine was definitely under a greater load than when it throws powder snow, but no problems. Due to the length of my driveway, (I probably should be using the tractor with its own thrower), I went through two tanks of gas. The only maintenance I've done is to change the oil at the end of the season. You have to remove the wheel to have a clear drop to the oil pan, but that's only a cotter key, so it's no big deal. I'd buy another one of these in a heart beat. December 5, 2013
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