Husqvarna two stage snow throwers are innovative, powerful and include more standard features than comparably priced competitive units. The 11524E features a heavy-duty auger, high speed impeller and a standard LED headlight for greater visibility in less than favorable conditions.

Briggs & Stratton, Chain drive, Two-stage, 24 inch


$ 1,299.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 11524E

  • Convenient trigger control power steering allows superior maneuverability in adverse conditions.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

  • Adustable drift cutters direct deep snow into the auger housing for clearing.

Product reviews for 11524E

HUSQVARNA 11524E 3.3 5 4 4
Bad assemble and service As soon as I pushed the auger handle the machine started to make terrible noise and vibration as if the belt is out of place and something is not seating in place. Even after they tried to fix it and replaced the belt it is still making bad noises when I push the handles down. I was told that this is how the machines are built these days. I have 10 years of experience with snow blowers, so I know how it should work. December 28, 2013
Dissapointed I bought this snowblower when my old Toro of 13 years suddenly died, so this was more or less an emergency purchase. I bought it primarily based on the Husky name, having faith it would serve me well. This has not been the case. First off, the snowblower doesn't have much "ooomph". Be prepared to go at the slowest possible speeds to get through anything more than 6 or 7 inches of snow. The clearing height is an impressive 23" but you can forget about trying to move anything remotely close to that, even light and fluffy snow. The forward and reverse speeds are tricky and you constantly have to play with it to get it where you like it. It runs out of gas quickly with any kind of load on it, which if you live in NE is going to be most of the time. Finally, the tires are quite narrow and this is an issue if you need to go over grass (which I do) and the ground isn't frozen solid, it'll squirm and chew up the turf. Obviously not an issue on pavement. On the plus side, it's a sturdy blower in terms of the auger and housing. It starts on the first pull. And the hand warmers are a nice touch. The halogen light works fairly well but it's not amazing. This is not an inexpensive snowblower...I'd do some serious shopping around before dropping the cash on this model. I wish I had had the time to do that. March 8, 2013
Let it snow! This machine finished up my driveway in under 10 minutes. I highly recomend this for anyone wanting a snowthrower. I had a tractor ST last year and it was a real pain to set up and manuever. Storing this is also easier than the tractor. This snow thrower heats up your hands even for the short period of time you use it. Love it. November 19, 2011
Dead of Winter Purchase Last year we received record snow falls, dozens of inches overnight. I procrastinated on buy a blower for a newly purchase home, and regretted it once the white stuff started to fall. I went shopping...and everyone was sold out, Home Depot, Lowe's Etc. I went to a local dealer and they only had three, this one being the cheapest. Now there's no way in normal circumstances I would have bought a machine this expensive, regardless of what it was, but I was in panic mode because of the snow. This purchase however was a great decision!! this blower is amazing, powerful, agile, and easy to use. At one point, I pushed this Husky as hard as i could, driving it into a partially frozen snow bank and not only did it push through it, not a singls shear bolt broke. I recommend this product to every homeowner I know and love using it when it snows. November 9, 2011
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