Compact and user-friendly Rider with 42" side discharge cutting deck. Suitable for homeowners who want an efficient and multipurpose ride-on mower that can handle mowing around obstacles like trees, bushes and flower beds. The articulated steering system and front-mounted cutting deck means intuitive operation, excellent mowing accessibility and great overview of your working area. Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, easy-access controls and automatic blade engagement, makes mowing a pleasure. The rear-wheel drive ensures extra traction when mowing on slopes. This Rider can do so much more than cutting your lawn. Thanks to attachments such as snow blade, trailer, moss rake and spreader, it can maintain your yard all year round.

Briggs & Stratton, 11 kW @ 3300 rpm, Hydrostatic, 42 inch


$ 2,799.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for R 120S

  • The articulated steering gives excellent manoeuvrability and facilitates driving around obstacles such as trees and bushes.

  • Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes, park benches etc.

  • The efficient rear-wheel drive system ensures excellent traction when mowing on slopes.

  • With a Rider you get safety, stability and traction on both flat grounds and hillsides. The Rider's low gravity centre contributes to extra good traction as well as a comfortable "sit-in" feeling for the user.

  • The compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre the mower in smaller spaces. Also requires less space for storage.

  • Thanks to the external fuel cap, you don't have to open the engine hood when taking on more fuel. The extra wide fuel tank opening makes refueling even easier.

  • Thanks to the rear-mounted engine, you get better overview of the mowing and less noise and emissions in the driver’s area.

  • Large, transparent fuel tank makes it easy to check the fuel level.

More features

  • Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission
  • Easy-access controls
  • Automatic blade engagement
  • Single-lever cutting height adjustment
  • Four large wheels
  • Easy-access service points
  • Pivoting rear axle

Product reviews for R 120S

HUSQVARNA R 120S 3.6 5 7 7
The best 360 Mowing When I first read about this R 120S mower, I was curious about how it would perform. After purchasing and using it for a month, I am impressed. It performs awesomely. I recommend this highly. BDG Travelers Rest, SC March 30, 2014
A Better Choice Than A Zero-Turn! I also have a 13 year old 970 and I have to say it is one of the best residential mowers I have ever owned. It compares to the R 220T not the R 120s. The R 120s or R 220T is a better choice than a zero-turn for most homeowners. The older 970 I own will mow around a 4 inch post and not leave a mark on the lawn. I can mow my 1 acre, landscaped yard in about 30% less time than a 42 inch lawn tractor. The machine itself is very rugged. 14 years of banging it into trees, foundations and pulling a yard cart the Briggs motor is still going strong and the deck has no dents. I have only had to replace the front gauge wheels and blades. The other review that complains about the blade shear pins. The deck uses overlapping blades to give you the best cut without leaving a strip of uncut grass. Because of that the deck is "timed" and each blade is mounted with a shear pin and two cupped washers. If you are breaking shear pins you are either trying to mow branches or rocks or you have the cupped washers on upside down. Have a dealer show you the correct way to install the cupped washers. This is a good design and the Bio-Clip deck gives you a great cut. November 18, 2013
At first i had my doubts I had a Husqvarna tractor type mower with wide tires for traction. Have about a acre ground with some pretty good slopes and trees and shrubs. Going around trees on the slopes was a nightmare, spinning, tearing the grass, etc. Was about to install chains which would have really tore the grass up. Saw one of these mowers a few years back at lowes and liked it but then I didn't see them anymore. They were called a Swedish rider back then. Saw that Husqvarna had come back out with them in the states and a local dealer had one. Talked to the dealer with the agreement that if I did not like it or it did not do what I expected, I wanted my money back or I wanted the all wheel drive. The dealer agreed. I could not believe the traction this little mower has. I tried every way I could think to get this mower to spin out. This is the best mower I have ever owned. It fits my needs perfectly. Five stars on every thing November 7, 2013
Husqvarna riding mower mdl 18532 Only had this a few weeks. So far, it's done everything I've asked of it. I am handicapped so the rider is easier for me to use. I have ONE complaint: My legs are short and I have a problem reaching the 'clutch'. October 8, 2013
Great Performance with a Beautiful Finished Cut I have a half acre with a lot of trees and flower beds to work around. Plenty of power with great manuverability. This mower makes cutting the grass fun! September 10, 2013
service nightmare I purchased this unit new and it has had to have lenghty service EVERY year. The blades have broken from their pins several times a season. Complaining to corporate resulted in them claiming it was my yard's fault and operator error. I bought it because of it's articulating design to go around the flower beds and trees, nothing more. The poor blade design made the pins shear repeatedly. Lack of support from the dealership and corporate has made this unit cost me twice as much as what I paid for it. I will gladly share all the receipts. Thank god the dealership carries other lines. September 2, 2013
run away looks are deceiving i have a 14 yr.old 970 biclip, that being said this mower is not even in the same league. day one mower scalps when you hit a bump or turn to the right, next mow the tranny is leaking oil, call the dealer and low and behold there is a service memo that the trannys leak, and it will need a new tranny, the dealer cant figure out the scalping problem. oh ya if your like me and want to check the oil before each mow , guess what you need a freakn screw driver to pop the latches on the cover, NO LIE. this machine missed the mark on product improvement and skipped right to product profit! August 4, 2013
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