The new X-Torq® tree care saw. It´s a lightweight powerful chainsaw for tree pruning from the ground or up in a sky lift. The low weight and well-balanced saw body makes it very easy to work with.

35.2 cc, 2.01 hp, 12"-14", 7.5 lbs


$ 309.95

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Features for T435

  • X-Torq®


    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

  • Allows you to control oil flow depending on application and weather conditions.

  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

  • Allows quick and convenient chain tensioning.

  • Quick release cover saves time when cleaning or changing spark plug or filter.

  • System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.

  • Improved design allows for better visibility of the guide bar tip.

  • A sturdy point for fastening a rope, making it easy to hoist the saw up into a tree.

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Product reviews for T435

HUSQVARNA T435 4.5 5 38 38
All around great! Just recently bought this saw. First year in arborist work. Was climbing with a much heavier saw,this saw is beautiful. Light, balanced well,enough power even with a 16" bar. Add that all up with the price of the saw and you have a really good package. The 14" is more to my liking, but great either way. Yes, there are stronger and more expensive saws out there. The value and performance is hard to beat. LOVE IT! Also, the two rings to tether the saw is a great feature for anyone in the trees! September 4, 2012
fantastic saw I own and operate a small tree business.I am a climber and the low weight and high power is a fantastic combination great value.saw starts easy and runs all day long without a hiccup. I would recommend this to anybody in this market for a saw of the style.I also do some custom climbing for companies in my town they have stihl and echo saws and this runs circles around both of them. February 12, 2014
Expensive weak garbage Had to sell my stihl 192 then needed a saw so bought t435.( 85$ more than stihl) Off the bat found it to be under powered. idled was rough took a while to get mostly right never really went good. Up in the tree limbed a bit and it kept stalling then would start hard when hot u can't run this saw hard at all also felt very awkward and unbalanced in tree bottom line it is not for me sold it at a loss and bought a used 192 still using February 1, 2014
Awesome saw. I'm not a pro but I do cut a hec of a lot, mostly firewood but some climbing and trimming. This saw has all the power you need. Fires up every time. Love it. January 21, 2014
works even when set-up is wrong The Chain saw was sold to me set-up incorrectly by Merhar's Ace Hardware in Ely Minnesota. Even though it was put together wrong, it worked for 3 days pruning about 700 trees. The chain brake assembly failed in the process. Merhar's claimed it was not their fault so I had to call your warrantee department. A very nice lady named Monica helped me with the problem and I received a new chain brake assembly and the saw is working fine again. Its nice to know a company stands behind there product even when a seller doesn't. If you would like to see pictures of the problem please contact my E-mail. Thank You, Bob December 15, 2013
Good value ... with reservations The saw works well ... most of the time, and within its appropriate applications. My carburetor went to acting up very early on, and we tried all sorts of fixes. Finally, about a year ago, my distributor replaced the carburetor, and the saw has run well since. The material quality of this saw does not seem to be up to that of the more expensive saws. Be careful about jerking this saw around when/if it gets stuck in the wood! You can easily break off one of the aluminum suspension points for the power head. September 25, 2013
Powerful and Handy Powerful and handy little saw. This little saw has some guts. Starts easily every time. August 18, 2013
better than expected, even ah, such a pleasure of a saw. just look at it hard, and it starts right up - never, NEVER, a start up issue. That is so important! with a sharp chain (really needs a sharp chain) it just eats its way through wood. although really an "up in the tree" saw, have used it extensively also on the ground - easy on the back. bulkier than the tanaka or still, but ah! what a great saw!!! only issue was the one-nut cover closer - had a tendency to come loose - a lock-washer solved that easy. April 21, 2013
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