Briggs & Stratton, Triplex with adjustable pressure regulation, 3300 psi, 3.2 gpm


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HUSQVARNA PW3300 3.4 5 19 19
Greatly Disappointed Bought this one after checking a variety of washers out comparing alleged quality, plus it's extras. Got it started easily, etc. and once set up I put it away. Began to use it the following day and soaped up one side of my house. Just as I was finishing up that and before I could then shut it down to prepare for the rinse off, it died on me. I discovered a problem with my extension cord so plugged it into the outlet directly but it still didn't work. I took it back to Lowes after draining out the gas as best I could. They exchanged it for another and were gracious enough to give me a gal. of detergent to replace what was in the tank. Took that one home and set it up and it seemed to work fine, but then noticed one of the swivel wheel assemblies won't stay in no matter what I do. Am not sure why since the first unit didn't have that problem. As another reviewer stated, the water inlet connection was AWFULLY ill placed and is cumbersome to connect with the garden hose. The second unit starts easily so far with the key or pull start. When I first called Lowes about the first unit he indicated that it wasn't the first unit of it's type that had problems. I was willing to give Husqvarna another chance by taking the replacement one, and, then I have a problem with the one wheel assembly. I will call Lowes tomorrow and discuss this new problem with them to see if it can be resolved without having to drag it in to the store. If not, I'll return it, never buy Husqvarna again, and Lowes may even loose a customer depending on how they resolve this new issue. I also find the hose reel quite flimsy and concerned that may crack through the first winter. This item seems greatly overpriced considering the quality I've experienced. If the price is tied to the name and the name is tied to presumed quality, Husqvarna has fallen flat with me. August 29, 2013
No problems so far I don't know what other reviewer are/are not doing but.... it seams quite unlikely that 50% of sold PW's would have maor problem. Regardless, I am in lucky 50% so far: I have PW for a week, it starts great, works, great, what else... chick/dude magnet as I get tons of great comments from buypassers ;-) July 25, 2013
worked 1 hour worked for one hour.....went to use it next charge - manual start won't work. charged for a day, won't start. taking it back to Lowe's tomorrow. reviews here are 50/50 with similar problem - or seems fine. too much time to take the chance on another, will seek another electric start power washer. Very disappointed in Husqvarna, had a better impression of the quality for this price point July 24, 2013
BROKEN PARTS OUT OF BOX I realized the pressure washer quick connects on the hose were broken as soon as I turned the water on. It shot water right out at the connection by the gun. I went back to Lowes and bought a new hose and gun. $100 later on a new hose and gun and not to happy with this product but now it works good. July 13, 2013
Works great so far! I am not sure what the other reviewers were doing, but I easily started the engine manually and with the electric start. The engine is more powerful yet quieter than the my old power washer with a 9HP Subaru engine. I appreciate the compact design, but I wish they would have placed the water hose connection in an easier location to connect. That is really my only complaint. This is a well made machine and with 3300psi and I paid just under $700, I am very pleased. Highly recommend... July 6, 2013
REGRETS I am so sorry I purchased this pressure washer. After only 3 months the electric start does not work. The battery is bad. I have to return the entire pressure washer to be repaired. Also the knob that controls the amount of pressure is ridiculously hard to reach. Also the quick connect that attaches the hose to the pressure washer is faulty. June 3, 2013
Pressure Washer Spray Tips I cannot connect any of my spray tips. I am going to Lowe's tomorrow to see what is going on. Has anyone else had this problem? May 12, 2013
Great Pressure Washer I bought my Huskvarna PW3300 a few months ago and have had no problems what so ever I use it almost on a daily basis with no problems I really like the fact that it has electric start and the detergent tanks May 4, 2013
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