Briggs & Stratton, Triplex with adjustable pressure regulation, 3300 psi, 3.2 gpm


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Disappointed with my first Husqvarna product. I bought this pressure washer at Lowes expecting high quality with the Husqvarna name. The electric starter hasn't worked for the first time. I am very disappointed since I paid extra for this feature. Fortuately, I am able to start it manually. I wouldn't recommend this product. June 12, 2014
Perfect for residential use. I purchased my PW3300 from Lowes over a year ago for home use and helping out friends and family with power washer needs. I also wanted a unit that wouldn't loose power after two or three years like the axial "disposable" pump models I've owned before. I did a ton of online research and decided on the PW3300 for the features even though it is a bigger unit overall than I wanted. Out of the box it was easy to assemble and I've never had a problem starting the unit once you relieve the pressure from pump. Do yourself a favor and buy a $4 hose extension if that's going to be a problem for you - a mild complaint in my opinion. This unit is a real power washer - plenty of consistent power for houses, decks, garage floors and driveways. I always leave unit running even while waiting for soap to work. It has a high temp relief valve that allows fresh cool water into pump while sitting idle. Hot water kills grass in spots but it grows back:) Not sure why I see others complaining about turning unit off and on all the time. For home or farm use, I can see this power washer lasting a good 10+ years and even has rebuild-able pump if necessary. I am not a power washer expert but I'm not sure I would consider this model as "commercial" if you compare to units that are $1,500+. The real test came about a week ago when my neighbor was using his 3-yr old axial pump power washer to do his driveway. He took about an hour to do six sections (about 4'x6' each). I brought mine over to help and ended up finishing the remaining 30 sections plus his sidewalk and porch in about 1 1/2 hours...literally saving him a week's worth of work (I did use a surface cleaner). That was the eye opener for me regarding the PW3300. For moderate to heavy residential use - the PW3300 is more than you need but will last a long time. For commercial use, I'm not sure but I would guess it would be OK for light duty use. So far I am extremely happy with the unit and must either be one of the lucky ones or maybe I just read instructions - not sure - and although this unit may be a few hundred dollars more than compatible units, it is so worth it to me for the serviceability and features. May 30, 2014
pump went out after less that 30 hours Was tired of cheaper washers wearing out and falling apart so I stepped up to this 3300. What a joke!! After exactly 13 months my pump went out (a $600 repair with parts and labor). Motor only had 30 hours on it tops. Wheel design is stupid. Every time you move it on uneven ground or try to pick it up the wheels (front) come off. May 30, 2014
Great Washer if you know how to start I have owned this washer for two years so I have a lot of experience. It looks like most of the negative comments are about starting the engine. One thing to remember is the battery that is used with this washer is used in computer battery backup units and emergency lighting. The battery has limited cranking amps and must be used correctly for starting an engine. First the battery needs to be charged using the directions and never allowed to run down or stored in freezing temperatures. The battery will be junk if allowed to run flat and will typically not accept a charge after. The best way we have found to start this engine is to turn your water on and then relieve the water pressure by pulling and holding the sprayer handle on while you crank the starter. If there is no extra water pressure a fresh charged battery should easily crank this engine. Fresh fuel with stabilizer and always running the gas out at the end of a project before storage is critical for long life and easy starting. I agree that a 1' hose extension fixes the awkward garden hose connection. We have owned other washers and this is by far the best unit, for our purposes, we have ever owned or rented. May 24, 2014
Product has a few design flaws I have always owned Husqvarna products from chain saws, leaf blowers, weed eaters, and all products worked well which is why I bought this product instead of a more reasonably priced unit. The electric starter on this Husqvarna product has a design flaw. My electric starter has never worked on this unit. I bought a new battery (very expensive) and it didn't work either. This issue seems to be a universal problem. However, it has always started manually. This unit has several good qualities such as compact design, good hose length, different nozzles included. Water connection in a location that makes it awkward to connect. All in all I like this product for what I need it for around the house but I wouldn't recommend it to an individual that requires an electric start model. April 13, 2014
Great machine After reading a couple poor reviews, I am very surprised! I have had my unit about 2 years now. The thing has enough power to cut metal! It's crazy powerful, and mine starts with the key, or pull starts just fine! Even after wintering -20 temps. outside. I have had trouble starting a couple times, but when I do it always seems to be an issue of having the fuel cutoff turned off and not noticing. That or it is something like having the choke set wrong, but as soon as I notice and fix my mistake it starts right up. The one issue I have had was was as others have said, with the hose. It is very hard to get a good connection with the sprayer! Also I just had my hose fail at the sprayer connection, It blew out two bearings and leaked very bad which also meant lost pressure! I paid for the extended warranty which I never do, but Lowe's gave me a new hose so I went home and started it up no problems and did a little cleaning of my back porch before I put the washer away. All that said I think it was a good purchase and is great for washing siding, cars, fencing, and I also used to clean my driveway spotless before sealing. March 23, 2014
This P/W does not live up to the Husqvarna name I purchased the 3300, model #020524 from Lowe's in April, 2013. I use it on average, 6 hrs. a week. Like others have said, the hose connection to the pump is very awkward to put on each time you use it. I solved that issue with a six inch kink free hose end you can purchase from any big box store, or hardware supply center. You will need to cut the engine off approx. 10 times while washing your home. (Spraying areas with cleaning solution and waiting 5 minutes or so for it to do it's work.) The unit will work as an electric start on avg. six times. The rest you will have to manually start it. The engine will start manually after 2, maximum 3 trys, IF you pull it very hard. If you pull easy or are a little physically challenged, it will not start. Pump lost pressure after 4 months of use. Some spring I was told failed in the pump. Battery would no longer hold a charge. A local Husqvarna authorized warranty repair center, had my unit a month. Items were repaired under warranty. Then one week later, the new battery also would not accept charge. Unit charger was checked out OK. Second battery was tested, as before and found to have a bad cell. Briggs & Stratton supplier issues I guess. Bottom line, in spite of the issues I've had, it's not a bad unit, though not a great one either. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a 5. Knowing the experience I've gone through with it....I would not purchase this unit again. November 7, 2013
Greatly Disappointed Bought this one after checking a variety of washers out comparing alleged quality, plus it's extras. Got it started easily, etc. and once set up I put it away. Began to use it the following day and soaped up one side of my house. Just as I was finishing up that and before I could then shut it down to prepare for the rinse off, it died on me. I discovered a problem with my extension cord so plugged it into the outlet directly but it still didn't work. I took it back to Lowes after draining out the gas as best I could. They exchanged it for another and were gracious enough to give me a gal. of detergent to replace what was in the tank. Took that one home and set it up and it seemed to work fine, but then noticed one of the swivel wheel assemblies won't stay in no matter what I do. Am not sure why since the first unit didn't have that problem. As another reviewer stated, the water inlet connection was AWFULLY ill placed and is cumbersome to connect with the garden hose. The second unit starts easily so far with the key or pull start. When I first called Lowes about the first unit he indicated that it wasn't the first unit of it's type that had problems. I was willing to give Husqvarna another chance by taking the replacement one, and, then I have a problem with the one wheel assembly. I will call Lowes tomorrow and discuss this new problem with them to see if it can be resolved without having to drag it in to the store. If not, I'll return it, never buy Husqvarna again, and Lowes may even loose a customer depending on how they resolve this new issue. I also find the hose reel quite flimsy and concerned that may crack through the first winter. This item seems greatly overpriced considering the quality I've experienced. If the price is tied to the name and the name is tied to presumed quality, Husqvarna has fallen flat with me. August 29, 2013
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