Briggs & Stratton, Axial Cam with Easy Start, 3100 psi, 2.8 gpm


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HUSQVARNA PW3100 4.4 5 9 9
PW3100 New Product I purchased this PW3100 at a Lowe's Home Improvement store as a previously owned and repaired unit. Apparently the water pump had been clogged-Lowe's cleaned the pump and set it outside for resale at a reduced price. The machine worked great the first two times I used it then the pump quit building pressure again. Since there was no warranty on the machine I removed the pump and disassembled the water transfer valve and inspected it-I blew it out with compressed air-lightly lubricated the rubber o-rings and washers-reassembled the valve and pump. No real problems were found. It worked great all day after that repair. I have had to do this routine two more times since I purchased it with good results each time but it seems to have "worn in" if you will since I have not had to do this proceedure the last five times I have used the washer. I do not know if a new washer would have this same concern or if it took that many cleanings to get some very fine particles out of the valve. I have always had very good luck with Husqvarna equipment and though they do not actually build the pumps for this washer, they have a standard of quality for components used in thier equipment. That being the case I put my faith in Husqvarna and choose to believe the previous owner probably used unfiltered well water in a rural area that had a high mineral content and it took several cleanings to get it all out. Just a theory of mine but possible. Other than that the washer is great, am satisfied for the price I paid for the unit. October 16, 2012